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ERP company in India  Summary: This article aims at highlighting the crucial advantages of integrating ERP software in the storefront of eCommerce. While ERP integration became the need of the hour for every business, eCommerce stands no exception to that. No sooner online businesses moved to the forefront trading heaps of products in different categories and handling vast transactions every single day. Thus, in every way, ERP become an imperative tool for eCommerce businesses too for streamlining data, fulfil every order in time and enhance customer satisfaction.Integrating ERP software in eCommerce carries huge value to the businesses and brings in some notable advantages of introducing the virtual customer-facing facade. Here are mentioned few advantages of ERP software in an eCommerce store. #1 Data Redundancy, Manual Tasks and Manual Errors are eliminatedWith the increasing relevance of online business in the retail space, the storage and transmission of data, web requests and handling of web customer’s point of interests are integrated into the ERP framework. In another way, all the subtle elements and stock from the ERP get transferred easily to the web-based business doorway.#2 Internal process productivity gets improvedERP software systems play a crucial role in streamlining the online businesses processes by lessening the involvement of workforce. Customers orders get automatically integrated into the ERP system in real-time which eventually helps the admin or back-office executive to track orders consistently. Thus, they can start with order processing sooner. To put together, integration cuts down the order-fulfilment cycle significantly.#3 Inventory management becomes an easy jobAll the customer data and deals show up instantly in the ERP framework and owing to such steadfast exchanges of information, stocks are likely to get refreshed. Successively, with precise and timely data on stock and ordered deals, an eCommerce business can properly plan their product purchases, thereby cutting down the inventory costs.#4 Customer management gets easierERP integrated software offers a great ease of customer management to the eCommerce businesses with detailed and updated product information, real-time order tracking, information about inventory availability. These altogether enhance the level of customer satisfaction and helps eCommerce businesses to win the trust of customers.#5 Accurate financial reports can be producedWhile eCommerce web applications now itself generate the financial sales reports. By integrating ERP into the eCommerce application will help in creating trial balance, balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit/loss statement, all of which are needed to maintain clarity in the financials management.While these defines the cardinal benefits of integrating ERP with eCommerce, it is now up to the hands of eCommerce businesses in India to comprehend them and adopt them wisely for seamless management. They need to keep in mind the relevance of ERP in offering better services to their customers. Availability of data with perfect precision, up-to-date order processing, on-time delivery, all result in delivering the best of services to the buyers.Author an experienced Odoo expert and ERP developer working at Envertis, one of the long-established ERP company in India that has got huge repute in the industry for its custom-made, scalable and easy-to-use ERP software applications. Envertis is also the official Odoo partner, for which it makes sure to use the state-of-the-art technologies of the framework in developing an ERP. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel of the company for interesting news on ERP and to know about company’s contribution in ERP development space till now.