Entrepreneurial that may arise. I also feel

Entrepreneurial leadership is an ingenious
and transformational leader who can works in a dynamic market which offers
booming opportunities. Transformational leader’s ideologies include
consistency, lucidity, communication, creating great opportunities,
dependability, power, long sighted vision. Entrepreneurial leaders help to
nurture and sustain their organizational spirit which includes iterations,
control external situations, never being satisfied with the present, setting
and achieving driven goals and keeping up with the new trends. I think their
biggest strength is that they use their experience while leading the firms and
they believe in taking the team forward instead of just aiming for personal
success or any other benefits. They are aspirational and admirable because they
generate learning experience and knowledge, they can adapt the sudden changes
and they understand and make optimal use of their capabilities and resources.

personally think I would be a participative and delegative leader. I consider myself to be a participative
leader because I always accept inputs from my peers while making decisions and
solving any problems that may arise. I also feel that nobody can be an expert
in every field so better to ask for help from subject matter expert in order to
achieve better quality results and a well-rounded decision making. I also feel
that leadership shouldn’t be rigid and imposing. It is not about just being
authoritative and showing power, reliability is a big sign of an
entrepreneurial leadership because every team wants a mentor they can count on
and go back to with problems hoping he will be able to solve it without
tampering the success of the organization. Delegative leaders allow group
members to make decisions, which helps in situations where the leader needs to
rely on qualified employees. The leaders cannot be an expert in all situations,
therefore it is important to delegate certain tasks to knowledgeable and
trustworthy employees. But in important and critical situations it is essential
that to ask for expert opinion but let final decision be taken by the leader. Employees
also work better in a more relaxed and motivated environment.

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I think having these qualities would help
me communicate better with the groups and co-workers which will work best in
the interest of the organization.  Flexibility
to adapt, openness to feedback, and the ability to learn would help me improve
myself and be a better leader. No
one should be arrogant enough to feel like they have all the answers; leaders
who aren’t open to feedback, and don’t use it as a way to develop and learn are
not backable, even if they have many other great attributes.  I also
feel that having persistence and executing the tasks to reach goals is extremely

On the whole I feel
there is no shortcut to success but there are steps which can be taken in order
to be an exemplary entrepreneur and a great leader who people would love to
work under. Having clear goals and an urge to learn and improve oneself always
comes handy. I would like conclude by saying something Steve Jobs quoted which is “Have the courage to
follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to