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Enjoy ultra-clean water in your resort by following these simple cleaning tips.    1.For the whole spa: Use a soft, non-abrasive, non-foaming cleanser with a soft cloth or nylon scrubbing pad to remove dirt buildup    2. For minor surface cleaning:  Use ordinary baking soda to clean small areas on the surface    3. For Brilliant Appearance: Apply FreshWater Polish Shine for Spa to your clean, dry spa shell    4. For spa headrests: Follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual for removing and cleaning the headrests of your spa    5. For the vinyl cover: First, remove the lid and wet it lightly with a garden hose to loosen dust or debris. Then, using a mild soapy solution (5 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid added to 8 liters of water) or baking soda, rub with a giant sponge the vinyl surface in a circular motion and rinse with a hose. Watering. Rinse the bottom of the cover, without utilizing soap and clean with a dry cloth. To protect and maintain coverage in perfect condition after cleansing, apply a thin film product HotSpring cover Protector ®.Tips for starting a housecleaning business explained in this article: •    Do your analysis and establish a solid business plan•    Name your company and apply for a business license•    Decide how many workers you will have, their job requirements, what you will pay, and what your advantages will be•    Budget your operating costs.•    Invest in a business vehicle to get to and from jobs•    Advertise•    Build up relationships with your clientsBecoming a housekeeper sounds easy. You apply to cleaning posts on sites like Care.com and slowly start to build a group of clients who pay you to wash their houses. But if you want to make a good living in this career, you need to stop creating like a housekeeper and start imagining like a little business owner.Setting up a small business can be a daunting difficulty, and most people don’t know where to start. There are start-up costs, business licenses, advertising, etc. — all before doing any actual cleaning.Delores Garcia*, a housekeeper in Las Vegas, and Tammy Wright*, a small-business owner in Denver, have been through it all. Garcia started out working in various casinos as a housekeeper before deciding to open her own business. After two years, she almost has more clients than she can manage.  After seven years of operating for others, she decided to branch out with a couple of friends to start her own company and “has nevermore looked back.”How to clean the screen of your monitor, TV or laptop screen.•    In all cases, cleaning should be done with the screen off.•    With a cloth completely dry and if possible microfiber, start by cleaning the frame.•    Fold the fabric to continue with a bright part, and now clean the surface of the monitor, without tightening practically nothing, and with vertical movements (no circular movements) from side to side.•    After the previous step, there is always some dirt stuck back to the edges. With the cloth again, and with a single finger, pass it around the edges again until it is spotless.