Emergency supplement companies, fitness “gurus”, and other BS’ers

Emergency Shred!The Scientific, 5-Step Program To Get Totally Shredded…Without Starving Yourself…Without Suffering Through a Strange, Overly Restrictive Diet…And Without Boring, Mind-Numbing CardioDear friend,I’ve got some truth I need to share with you today because I’m pissed…So pissed it makes me wanna throw a dumbbell right through the wall.Because let’s face it: most of the fitness industry has been hopelessly broken for a while.Instead of helping hardworking lifters reach the shredded body they so desperately want and deserve……too many go down the rabbit-hole of “bro-science” without knowing the full truth.This Isn’t The World of Fitness I Believe InRather than working based principles and methods that are scientifically proven to work…… We are bombarded with lies pushed by magazines, supplement companies, fitness “gurus”, and other BS’ers that don’t give a damn about your results.They only care about how they can earn a quick buck by splitting you from your hard-earned money.It’s a scandal that – if you’re like most guys – is cheating you of good money and (worse!) robbing you of some serious gains and results you should be getting.As a coach, author, dedicated lifter, and independent researcher, this isn’t the fitness world I believe in. It never has been and never will be!So Remember This Moment…Because I’m about to take a sledgehammer and crush all the damaging lies you’ve been fed …and I’m not holding back!You’re about to discover the evidence-based truth about what it really takes to sculpt a body so clearly-defined you’ll look like a Greek statue.And no, this process of achieving your dream body isn’t nearly as unbearable as the fitness industry wants you to believe.Here’s what I mean:You DON’T have to kiss your favorite foods goodbye and suffer a strange, overly-restrictive diet to shed unwanted pounds of fat. You DON’T need to grind out long hours of boring cardio to reveal an eye-catching six pack. (How many out-of-shape treadmill runners have you spotted over the years?)You DON’T need to spend hours in the gym to pack on rippling new muscle mass. (As a matter of fact, this actually robs you of precious gains.)You DON’T need to waste hard-earned money on worthless supplements touted by steroid-freaks in magazines.You DON’T need to eat every few hours to “stoke your metabolic furniture”. (Scientists found no difference in metabolic rate between bearing down all food in one meal or nibbling on it throughout the day reference.)Those are only a FEW of the harmful lies and myths that murder your efforts to achieve a “beach-ready” body.It’s Time To Get REAL ResultsFrom now on, you don’t have to rely on guesswork anymore to shape a body that gives you confidence wherever you go.I’m about to give you full access to my proven and powerful program Emergency Shred……The scientific, 5-step program to get totally shredded …without starving yourself …without suffering through a strange, overly restrictive diet …and without boring, mind-numbing cardio. Best of all: it’s FREE (but for a limited time only).Here Are Just a Few of The Thing You’re About To Discover…The #1 WORST fat loss mistake. (Fall for this dirty lie and you will NEVER lose the stubborn love handles and ugly belly bulge.)Why traditional cardio isn’t the answer to shedding unwanted body fat. And the scientifically proven style of training you should do instead.Exactly what and how much to eat based on your goals and situation, so that your body gobbles fat up like candy wherever it finds it.How to add your favorite “naughty” foods to your diet while reaching your ultimate beach body faster than you ever thought possible. The single most important training “law” researchers discovered you must obey to shock your muscles into hypertrophic growth (nearly every lifter fails miserably at this.)Simple but powerful sleep hacks that help that help you optimize recovery and trigger new gains. (You’ll sleep like a log tonight.)An unprecedented and exclusive bonus that you’ve NEVER seen from another fitness expert. (Keep your wallet in your pocket… it’s FREE.)And let me make one thing really clear: this is NOT your typical Men’s Health broscience…Every claim is backed by high-quality scientific research (with over … citations included).This really is the manual I wished I had when I started ten years ago. It would have saved me lots of money and frustration… …and I would’ve reached my ultimate figure much faster and with less effort.Are You Ready?Because I’m about to give you the ultimate framework to reveal an eye-catching physique …without the fluff and BS that prevents hard-working lifters from achieving results.You’re about to discover five simple, practical, but crucial concepts that are scientifically proven help you shed unwanted body fat.Whether you want to lose massive amounts of fat that’s ruining your confidence and puts your health at risk…… Or you want drop those last few pounds of “stubborn fat” to put the finishing touches on your abs…I GUARANTEE you’ll find this more insightful and more valuable than any other fitness program you’ve seen this year.This really contains the concepts the fitness industry so desperately needs.So I’m giving you complete access to the whole program for free.I just ask one thing in return: Take action!– StefanCTA Button: YES! 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