Elfin 2018 to all my loving readers.The spirit

Elfin girl online wishes A Happy new year 2018 to all my loving readers.The spirit of New Year is not just reminiscing about the past but also looking forward to the times ahead with the promise of love, unconditional support and tons and tons of happiness. For all of us (?) New Year brings new dreams, new ideas, and new hopes and of course courage to overcome all the challenges.But I am women, 35 yrs. OLD, Married and top of that a Mother too. Do I have a freedom to dream, to steal time from my house chores for thinking on new ideas, to have hope and desire for a particular thing to happen and of course will it be ok if I still behave as brave, aggressive, bold women to fight with challenges? (I am still thinking).For me life was a roller coaster, I left my childhood friends, my neighbors, my home, my city my family because as per Indian society a girl has to leave everything behind, the day she gets married. I left my work city Delhi which actually gave me an identity because I was a wife now and as per society (again) a wife has to move, to be with his man. I didn’t get the transfer in my existing job so started a new job again from scratch in a new city. After 10yrs long professional journey with MNC’s in Delhi as well as Mumbai abort my career on a blue night in midway because I was a new mum at that time.I will not say that all I have done was my sacrifices; I think I have done few adjustments at the time.But later on, every time I tried to climb, so-called priorities drilled into my head by the society (why you are running for money so much. Your baby should be your first priority) and put me down on my knees. Now my question today is not from others but from myself that how long I would be able to do that, how long I would blink my eyes to put back my tears. When will be the time when I will put myself on priority and I will not be called selfish or self-centered Mum? Will it be a sin to take me as a woman first? If I am working to chase my own dreams does that mean I will not give my child a better upbringing or I will not remain that loving and caring better half for my partner?I really don’t know the answers, whether I am on a correct path or not don’t know. But I will try from the core of my heart to change this stereotype thought of society of being a new mum and still working? To this, I will first start by me, because if I cannot change my thought, I cannot be greedy for my dreams there is no point to feel bad about anyone or about any situation.I will work on night after my baby goes to sleep; will sit down to work early morning during the baby’s nap; will steal 20 minutes for email while my baby will be playing with toys on the floor next to my desk, will talk with the people on phone to expand my work with the baby on my hip and I also promise u all I will leave no stone unturned to make that tiny human a better person for the society. Being a mum I will try to figure out how to juggle with all, how to have it all together.I am sure I am not the only one here; there would be so so so many women who have crossed this phase and few are still in the muddle and trying to come out by any means.I would love to share few startling statistics. India is ranked 120 when it comes to the female-male ratio at the workplace among 131 nations. 48% percent of women in India abort their careers midway (Sadly I was among that 48%) this is 20% more than the global average. The Indian woman’s contribution to the national GDP is 17%, which is much lower than the global average of 37%.If the participation of women in the Indian workforce can be increased to 41% by 2025, it can add an estimated Rs 46 lakh crore ($700 billion) to the GDP.Can’t we as women change these digits? Can’t we fight back?To this I would just say-We can do it we can have it all because we are women, not just a women, and we don’t require too much, just a baby step is all we need to start from within.New day, New morning, New ME, With this New Year 2018 I have taken my baby step as a blogger, and I will make sure that I will work so hard to squeeze every drop out of this opportunity to bring some change towards those women who have just taken another huge responsibly of being a mom on their shoulder.Another thing which I want to say here is don’t take me as Top notch blogger as it is going to be a long path of hard work to call me a true blogger, just take me as 100% real girl who wants to be authentic as much as she can in this cyber world.2017 was the year I decided to steal few hrs. from my daily schedule and start a blog on something which I like, and I am super-duper excited to see what is in store for 2018.My blog will be all about celebrating women the way they are, it will be about Girls/Women in the world of beauty, makeup and lifestyle, with a soft corner towards elfin girls.In my blog, women who are short heighted or vertically challenged can come to get inspired through style and beauty and get inspiration and motivation to be their best version, in one line A digital space for women who are short but have a dream to touch the sky one day.I will also put a huge effort to write with a purpose not just to write for the sake of writing and will try and challenge myself every day, every moment.To conclude- I as a girl, as a married woman, as a wife or as a mother is not asking for wings to fly high, not asking for the night out to chill, not asking for high-end makeup to look beautiful. I just want let me live the way I love, let me allow to prioritize things by myself not by the voting of society. Let me allow not being fake but being real with myself.To explore more about me click on the link below.http://elfingirlonline.com/about/http://www.businesstoday.in/current/economy-politics/indian-womens-contribution-to-gdp-is-less-than-half-the-global-average-mckinsey-study/story/246942.htmlhttp://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/india-ranks-120th-among-131-nations-in-women-workforce-says-world-bank-report/story-Q5AVD5aRlmLHA1RAFpnZuJ.html What are some of your goals and things you want to add to 2018? I would love, love, love to hear. Please feel free to share your dreams, resolutions or goals below in my comment section!!!