Elegant mind. I could also pick up her

Elegant and intelligent words that describe her. Shes got my
full attention I cannot keep my eyes of her. With a smile that kills hearts I
get tangle by her rapture, sucking my feelings out of me like Dracula , I still
cannot get my eyes of such a beauty. Captivating my eyes she wanders around
smiling like a gold mine full of riches. She is so perfect although they say
there is no such thing as a perfect person….to me she is which is why i
surrender to her. I give her my heart and all I have but in life things don’t
come as easy as they are imagined to be. 111

My eyes have seen it all but at this very moment I am doubting if they have.
With a smile that drops people dead she stand right across the room. With the
breeze in the air i try to reach out to her scent. The smell of sunflower seeds
strikes my nose, then the cocoa butter just makes me lose my mind. I could also
pick up her success and boldness, her originality, her hunger for change but
that just blinded me. I could taste her cherry lips melt inside my mouth. I
cannot touch what is not mine but she has touched my heart. Her soft small
palms in mine hand i could see picture her in my arms. Seeing the world from a
similar perspective. 127

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With the air full of doubt i with draw. It was like a raw taste of morning cow
dung running up my nose. I cant get that smell out of my mind. I can hear her
cry for acceptance but i cannot change that have been taught life lessons over
the past year. On the other hand im ignoring a cry soul. One that has lost its
way needing that one person to bring her back to life sit in distraught i burst
with sadness. I cannot change much in this for there are fundamentals that not
even i can break. 102

Society has taught me that there are two doors in life – the door of
reality;the door of imagination. The most toughest opponent i can name to date
was standing in front of me. I had to face the door of imagination, not many
people have gone up against it so i do not want to be one of many to fall but
this so i do as society bluntly told me… i withdraw for she is too good for
me. 80