Electronic that handwriting can stimulate the brain

Electronic textbook (e-textbook), which refers to
a book converted to a digital version, has gained awareness due to the progress
of technology. According to Prensky (2001), he describes 21-century people are
technology is a natural factor. It is convenient for the teenager to use an electronic
gadget browsing the net, communication and search the information for academic use. However,
there is a statistic indicates that 92% of students are chosen to use the printed textbook
rather than the electronic textbook (Derla, 2016). This essay
aims to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic textbook in
term of academic, environmental and health aspects.

Firstly, more people willing to invest money in purchase the electronic
textbook for their academic usage. An e-textbook can transform
the picture into
a dynamic
can attract children to read it. For example, it will provide the read-it-out
function to pronounce the word for you. Moreover, an e-textbook can let you
search the information, copy and paste the word and translate the word that you
do not understand. However, there is a disadvantage of the e-textbook. If the
student gets used to using the e-textbook for typing the notes, they will
difficult to remember the spelling of the words. It is analyses that
handwriting can stimulate the brain memorization system (National Pen Official
Blog, 2016). Handwriting can allow us familiar with the words and also create our
writing style. So we should practice handwriting while using the e-textbook.
Apart from academic aspect, we can talk about environment aspect.

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Furthermore, increasing number of school allows the student to bring their
e-textbook instead of buying the paper book as they think an e-textbook can
help to reduce the paper usage (European Week, 2011). Information
keeps change and bookseller keep update the version
that will force the student to buy new textbook every year. The old textbook
cannot recycle
resulting in wastage of paper which will also lead to air, water and land pollution
(Kozlowski, 2017). It is not efficient to our Earth when people
are using the traditional textbook, whereas an e-textbook can be a considerable
solution for people. An e-textbook can update and edit information easily.
Moreover, it can also save the postage and package cost. However, some people
may think that using an e-textbook will consume more electronic wastage. But
a study states that it will counterbalance the carbon emissions as long as one
gadget’s user read 22.5 books on average (Ritch, 2009, cited in
Kozlowski, 2017). It seems that we can save the Earth with making
the efforts.

Besides on environmental factor, we are going to discuss the health factor. The
government encouraged the teenager to utilize an e-textbook in the class. As they
think a
heavy school bag will damage adolescents ‘growth (South China Morning Post,
2013). A portable electronic gadget can store approximately a hundred or even a
thousand of e-textbooks. It will decrease the weight of student backpack as
long as they just bring a device with their water bottles or sports shoes for
their PE class. However, there is a drawback of an e-textbook to the health issue.
Adolescent using the electronic gadget for a long time will cause tire and dry
eyes affected by the blue light of the screen (Molecular Vision, 2016). Even if
a teenager having class, they will use the electronic textbook. Even if a
teenager is playing the phone in their leisure time, they will use electronic
gadget. They will not control themselves to stop playing device unless parents
tell them to stop. So parents can help to educate the use of e-textbook in a
right way.

In conclusion, electronic textbook and traditional textbook are also owning
their benefits and drawbacks. None of them can be a substitution for each
other. For me, I would prefer using the printed book. I enjoy the smell of ink
when I am opening the book. I think almost all bookworms will enjoy collecting the books you had read and decorated the book-shelves
look like a small library.