Edgar the story.Firstly there is a narrator. He

Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. Both of his parents died when he was 3 years old, and so he was adopted by the Poe family of richmond, vancouver. He joined the U.S. army in 1827 but he was kicked out due to a lack of financial support. He also had a bad relationship with his adoptive father all through his life. His adoptive father didn’t offer any financial help. And Edgar Allan Poe died in Oct 7, 1849.Due to his dark past, Poe wrote quite a few gothic stories about murder, revenge,torture, the plague, and insanityCharactersThe story that I chose is called the black cat and it is very similar to the story that we read in class, the tell tale heart. There are five main characters in the story.Firstly there is a narrator. He is a protagonist of the story and has a drinking problem.There is also his wife, she loves animals and has a cat, pluto. But Later, she gets killed by her husband.There is a cat, pluto and he is also killed by the narrator.there is a second cat which appears after the death of pluto.Finally, there is police who finds out that the narrator has killed his wife. PLOT SUMMARYEXPOSITIONThe narrator starts off the story by saying that something terrible has happened, and also that something has terrified him.CONFLICTThe conflict is Human vs HimselfBecause he has a drinking problem which makes him murder the cat.RISING ACTIONThe rising event occurs after drinking, when he tortures pluto because of his drinking problem.He first tortures the cat by taking off its eye.And later, he hangs the cat from a tree and murders the cat.CLIMAXThe climax occurs shortly after this, on the night of Pluto’s hanging, the narrator’s house burns down.FALLING ACTIONOne day, the second cat appears and it looks just like Pluto. It is black, one eyed, but it has white spot on it’s chest that looks remarkably like gallows. And The narrator takes the cat home.However, the narrator soon cannot resist feelings of hatred for the cat because it reminds him of pluto.And He decides to kill the cat, but he accidentally murders his wife and the cat disappears. Thus, he hides her dead body into the cellar wall, thinking that he got away with it.RESOLUTIONOn the fourth day after the murder, the police arrive unexpectedly at the narrator’s apartment. Suddenly, the police hears a sad sound, like a kid crying and the police takes down the wall and finds her dead body with the cat on top of her head.