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Sports Management

12 December 2017

the NCAA get rid of the one and done rule?

            The National Basketball Association and the National
College Athletic Association came to an agreement to make the one and done rule
and put it into effect in 2005. The one and done rule in basketball means that
a player would no longer be able to be drafted out of high school and would
need at least on year out of high school and one has to be 19 as well. This
angered many people and athletes that were on their way to the NBA. Many people
believe that the rule was good for the athletes since it supplies the young
adults with some college experience and other hated the new rule as it held the
athletes back from reaching their goal and making millions.

            The idea of the rule is that the NBA wants older and more
developed athletes coming into the league. College basketball benefits from
seeing these players in college too as big name players draw in tons of fans
and it helps the college generate more revenue with such big crowds. This rule
is pointless and should be reconsidered and removed because it nothing but a
barrier between the player and their goal. People argue that it’s good for the
athlete to have college experience and learn however if you are a one and done
athlete that one year of education is not really helpful to them since they
wouldn’t be using anything in their dream job of playing in the NBA. The
Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons who played at LSU was one who greatly
disagreed with this rule and expressed his feeling with it. An athlete like Ben
Simmons was only required to finish one year before going number one in the
2016 NBA Draft. In Division 1 basketball a freshman athlete is only required to
pass the first semester with the bare minimum to become eligible for the whole
season, Ben Simmons took that to his advantage by passing the first semester
with just over a 2.0 GPA. In the following semester Ben was aware that he was
eligible for the whole year and he simply didn’t attend any of his classes in
that next semester. When questioned he stated “I’m only here to play
basketball, nothing else. As a kid I always had dreams of playing in the NBA,
not college, this rule is just holding me back”. So the argument of college
education being key to the athletes is invalid for athletes like Ben Simmons
who are aware of their worth and will get to it with the least work that
doesn’t include basketball possible. The whole year that these athletes spend
in college they could be making money, and as Coach Cal of Kentucky stated
“You’re never aware of the athlete’s life and family problems. That one year of
money they make can help them and their families out so much”. This one and
done rule is the last barrier for athletes that are going to the NBA and
another point that people bring up for this rule is, what if the player gets
hurt during their college year there? Than their draft stock drops and it may
even be a career ending injury which now prevents these kids from reaching the
dream that they’ve been working for since they were kids. The one and done rule
should be eliminated.

            This rule that the NBA and the NCAA have made and put
into effect has too many flaws and risks that can actually hurt the athlete in
the long run. Problems from academic work to physical injuries hold back
players that may not help them to reach the next level and their highest
potential. Ben Simmons was an athlete that took a stand against this and has
solidified a very interesting point. He was able to find a loop hole that
allowed him not to attend classes and do the work but still be eligible. Even
though in bought a lot of controversy towards him, he stood strong on his
actions and believed that he did nothing wrong. All that the one and done rule
does to an athlete is hurt them and prevent them from reaching their lifelong
dream that they have worked for.