Eastern 4 II. Theory Information.. 4 1. Consumer

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perception and behavior of female when purchasing shampoo products ( In case of
Sunsilk items in Eastern International University area).


Student: Thái Th?
Thúy Oanh

IRN: 1332300095

[email protected]




I.     Research Overview.. 3

1.        Unilever Corporation.. 3

2.        Sunsilk Product Line. 4

II.    Theory Information.. 4

1.        Consumer Perception.. 4

1.        Consumer Behavior 5

III.       Methodology. 5

1.        Design Frame. 5

2.        Data Collection.. 6

IV.      Data Analysis and Result 6

1.        Description.. 6

2.        Data Summary. 6

3.        Analysis Process. 6

1.        Result 6

V.    Conclusion.. 7

Reference. 8



the population up to 95 million, Vietnam ranks 14 in the list of countries by
its population.  (Worldometers, 2017).  Besides that, Vietnam is a tropical country
which has draconic weather condition. So there are many issues about hair. According
to the Avenuefive website, some common hair problems are: dandruff, hair loss,
dry hair, ect. (Avenuefive, 2014).

reasons above illustrate that there is a huge potential market in Vietnam. This
market is about hair care products. The consumption of shampoo or hair care
products will increase day by day because of the steadily growth of citizens. The
research shows that nowadays despite the high price of shampoo, presidents are
willing to pay much money to fill their demands.

is going to lack of four million female according to the birth rate of
children. (T.Hanh, 216). But the market for women hair care product always has
advantages comparing with the market for male. Generally, it is easy to see
that women care about their beauty rather than men so there will be many interesting
things about the perception and behavior of women when purchasing the products.

treat with the complicated concerns that women have when they decide to get
hair care products, companies must have clearly strategies to satisfy them. One
of the most successful and well known corporations about shampoo for women is
Unilever. It is known with some efficiency items for female as: Dove, Sunsilk,
ect. Vietnamese women tend to choose this corporation’s product because of the
advantages that Unilever brings to them.

Unilever Corporation

was established and has started business since 1880s. Its vision is to help
people look good, feel good and get more out of life.( Unilever, n.d). According to the
official website of this corporation, there are more than 400 brands including
hair care products as well as shampoo. Some famous brands are: Dove, Clear,
Sunsilk, ect. ( Unilever, n.d).

states that: “Whatever the brand, wherever it is bought, we’re working to
ensure that it plays a part in helping fulfil our purpose as a business –
making sustainable living commonplace.” ( Unilever, n.d).

Vietnamese market, this corporation has set up its business since 1995. Since
it entrances the market in Vietnam, Unilever creates more opportunities for habitants.
About 1500 people are employed and nowadays more than 35 million consumers are
consuming Unilever products. It quickly turns to one of the most fast moving
consumer good companies in this country. ( Unilever, n.d)

this market, Unilever continuously upgrades the quality as well as the capacity
of products. More than 700 items are trading daily with the suitable price and
this corporation is considered as an enormous company which occupies a huge
number of market shares.

Sunsilk Product Line

makes a priority product for female in Vietnamese market. With total 6 products
line, Sunsilk tends to fulfill the demand of women about hair issues. Sunsilk
states that: “Whatever your hair wants, our collections will help your hair
keep up with your awesomeness.” ( Sunsilk, n.d). Nowadays, this kind of product
is selling in more than 80 countries in around the world.

company recognizes that every female has her own story. It looks like a
journey.  While they are recording
themselves as a story, Sunsilk would like to become a part of the story. It is
ready to serve the female need about hair. It becomes an expert to solve hair
problems when using many hair experts who are well known in around the world.  Its main function is:” Sunsilk keeps your hair
soft & smooth till the tips.” Nowadays, Sunsilk becomes a favorite choice
for women and it satisfies a number of female in the market shampoo of Vietnam.


Consumer Perception

to Chris Blank, consumer perception is: “Just as sensory perception relates to
how humans perceive and process sensory stimuli through their five senses,
consumer perception pertains to how individuals form opinions about companies
and the merchandise they offer through the purchases they make.” (Chris Blank,
n.d). In order words, consumer perception is how customers realize the products
or services base on their thinking or their psychology.

general, citizens percept product base on some factors below:

Branding or reputation of the product: It states that
how well known the product is and how frequently it appears in public places.

Price: Habitants recognize the thing by its value. The
value of product will accompany with the cost that it offers.

Benefit: In this term, residence will concerns about
the advantages and negative impacts of the products. They tend to more care
about how good the product is and how bad it is to make the comparison before

use this theory to release products that can remain the loyal of existing consumers
and attract the new ones. So this is the reason why marketing has played a vital
role in the business environment nowadays.

Consumer Behavior

illustrates consumer behavior is: ” … the process whereby individuals
decide whether, what, when, where, how, and from whom to purchase goods and
services.” ( Repository,n.d).

are 03 models of consumer behaviors:

Economic Model: It is about price effect, purchasing
power and substitute products. 

Learning Model: It involves some aspects as lifestyle,
knowledge, living standard or living environment, ect.

Psycho-Analytical Model: According the
psychologist Sigmund Fraud, human being is divided into 03 categories:

+ ID

+ Super Ego

+ Ego

Sociological Model: Human being bases on the trend of the
society. They will act more like almost all people do. ( Raar
Ramalingam, n.d).


can be used many methods to explore their study. Two most popular methods that
are used by researchers are quality and quantity method. Qualitative method is
the basis study to explore the research. This method will help the people
achieve knowledge about reasons, points of views and encouragement of the
study. It uses many techniques to meet with its purpose. Some of them are:
individual meeting, group meeting or observation. The quantity of participants usually
is selected by the one who carries out the study.

method is applied in quantifying the issues. By analyzing the data and
dissociating them, data will be turned into the useable numbers. Quantitative
method identifies the attitudes, thinking, behaviors and other actions in human
being. The way to conduct the study is that researcher mainly uses surveys. It
can be conducted by face to face surveys and online surveys. Some types of the
surveys may be used: telephone interview, face to face interview, ect. ( Susan E. Wyse, 2011).

Design Frame

purpose of this study is to examine whether
female satisfies with Sunsilk or not and what they expect Sunsilk to
perform in the near future. The design frame is conducted by 150 female
students and divided into 04 main parts:

Part 1: Asking about the willingness of female when purchasing Sunsilk. It may
include some aspects as quality, price, packaging and customer service of

Part 2: Asking about the customer behaviors such as: when, where they
purchasing the product and which types of product they would like to use. There
are also some questions about the using process; the experience and sharing
information about Sunsilk.

Part 3: Asking some questions about the customer psychology. For example: which
factor contributes to the buying decision. Why we should or should not consume
this type of product instead of another one.

Part 4: Asking about some individual sides like: age, occupation, income and

Data Collection

the survey, the data will be collected and tuned into useable number to support
the project. Besides doing survey with female, observing to catch the data is
effective way. There more the sources are the more reliable the data is. So
accompany with survey and data collection, some statistic in books, internet or
journals will play an efficiency role in the step of getting data. One of the
most vital sources that we can look for data is the annual company reports. Its
report is public in some webpage like Yahoo Finance or Cophieu68, ect. Having
primary data and secondary data will accurate more exactly for the project.

useable data will be clearly given in this part as an evidence for

Analysis and Result


issues that relate to data collection will be present in this part after
conducting the survey. Actually, the project is planned to take opinion of 150 female
students who are using or used to use Sunsilk in EIU.

Data Summary

result of the data will be turned into two parts:

Focusing on consumer psychology.

Focusing on consumer behaviors.

final purpose of this dividing is to see clearly what aspect will have the
biggest effect female purchasing. The data collection after calculating will be
illustrated the meaning.

Analysis Process

software conducts the analysis process. When data turns into valid numbers,
they will be analyzed to see their role in the whole project.

data is dissociated by some software. The Excel software and SPSS software
which are given in BUS303, BUS460 subjects will help this study a lot especially
in this part.


result will be clearly given after these above steps finish.


conclusions will be as following:

result about women perception when purchasing Sunsilk products.

result about women behavior when purchasing Sunsilk products.


between two factors.


conclusion may be clearly illustrated throughout the project. From that result,
some of real factors can be seen as a new finding for Sunsilk market in
Vietnam. From this point, the study may be helpful for many people especially
for Sunsilk firm.

of the new trends, new findings will be given so lessons for doing business in
term of Sunsilk market are going to appear and take vital role in the shampoo










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1.      How old are you?

2.      How much is your income?

3.      What is your job?

4.      Have you ever used any Sunsilk

5.      If yes, how long have you used?

6.      How often do you buy Sulksilk

7.      Do you want to keep
purchasing Sulksilk products?

8.      Which type of products do
you usually buy?

9.      Do you make comparison
when purchasing hair care products?

10.  Do you follow the industry

11.  Do you use to use other
product when keep going using Sunsilk?

12.  Do you share the
advantages and disadvantages to your family, friends and acquaintances?

13.  Are you affected by
recommendations of your family, friends and acquaintances when buying shampoo?

14.  Do you pay attention in
advertising on TV and internet of Sunsilk?

15.  Do TVC commercial push you
purchase more Sunsilk product?

16.  Do you like the package of
Sunsilk products?

17.  Are you willing to
purchase the product with popular brand name and large consumption?

18.  Do you think Sunsilk
ingredients are good?

19.  Do you think your hair get
to be better because of using Sunsilk?

20.  Do you see the differences
between Sunsilk and others?