Due with nature by bringing it inside the

Due to
the fact that we spend most of our times indoors for example in workplaces or
homes, we become less associated with nature. So, we need more interacting with
nature since it is good for human’s physical and mental health, fitness, and
wellbeing. To fulfil this, applying biophilia design into our spaces will provide
an opportunity to create good habitat for people as combining landscapes and organisms
in modern structures. Biophilia is contributing
human health and productivity with nature by bringing it inside the space. The pleasure
from what we hear, touch, or see are things that we need not that we desire. So,
creating an environment with biophilia design in our spaces makes this beauty
happen in our buildings.

Impact interiors:

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            There are distinctive results of practicing biophilia design
in interior spaces. For example, being exposed to the daylight is one of the
most effective element that can enhance human performance and give them energy.
Several studies were conducted on classrooms that exposed to the daylight. They
revealed that the rate of students’ performance who studied in daylighting
classrooms were improved 26% than students who studied in closed classrooms.
So, it is not surprising when you see many schools or workplaces appreciate this
element and apply it as a fundamental element in their design buildings. Furthermore,
looking at natural views impact human health. Some studies show that patients in
hospitals are more likely to get healed faster by looking at natural views
through their windows. They find that it reduces stress, enhance positive
emotions, and improve vitality. Another example is the use of natural materials
such as wood, stone, texture, or bamboo in interior design. They can help create
association with nature. Bringing some of natural material into human places positively
impacts their moods by reducing negative feelings and helping relaxing. Besides,
it helps trigger creativity and trend to think more sustainable.

Relate to
InterfaceFlor’s philosophy:

is the largest modular manufacture carpets that produces carpets based on environmental
features. Its philosophy is to create carpets that give natural sense in the floor.
It is committed with glue-free, no chemicals, repaired and recycled materials,
and replaced tiles. In other words, they are carpet tiles that are innovated
with sustainable features to create biophilia design in interior spaces.