Dr.King have a dream ” at a march

Dr.King pronounced one of his
famous speech on August 28 , 1963 , ” i have a dream ” at a march on Washington
for jobs and freedom about human equality and civil rights. a billion of people
stood to urge support and ending the war of African Americans . He use appeals
, propaganda techniques to show that all Americans should believe in the
perception that all men are created equal.

Dr.King use mostly pathos and ethos
to send his message on equality.In his speech ” i have a dream ” he
invoke the emancipation proclamation to obtain credibility of his speech : ”
five score years ago,a great American , in whose symbolic shadow we stand today
signed the emancipation proclamation”.he also combined trust with the audience
using by Lincoln as specialist in his speech.Dr. King also use the declaration
of independence to attract the audience ” unalienable rights ” of ” life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to show that the government has not
accept his agreement .

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” Negro…finds himself in exile in
his own land” this phrase demonstrates that he empathizes with the biased
treatment and disaffection of African Americans.

He used logos : ” Americans has
given negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked insufficient
funds”.this similarity has a logic as a method of reasoning because he appeals
to the concept of money and the frustration of getting a ” bad check ” .

Dr.king use propaganda techniques
to persuade his audience.he also add intensity to his words ” i have a dream
today… i have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted , every hill
and mountain made low”.he rich languages provides powerful images to the
readers . He also exaggerated i. Some words that he uses ” valley being
exalted” and ” mountain made low”. He uses this propaganda techniques to send a
message that the justice of African Americans need to be respected.

To conclude , the use of appeals
and propaganda techniques lead to the effectiveness of dr.King speech ” i have
a dream ” . Dr.king created a legacy in time trough his language.he died in
1968 cause of a gunman.” No matter what race you are , all people are equal”.