Distracted found out that too much spending time

Distracted by Binge-watching: Sources of Academic and Social Disruption in Students.

Author-Catherine Chambliss.

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Binge watching is nowadays growing at an alarming speed among youth and adolescents. Online streaming media such as Netflix and other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook consumes majority of time of the youth, which further impact their life in much adverse manner including physical activity and academics. Various potentially distracting activities (including electronic media use and the new potential threat posed by the option of “binge watching” programs) may harm both academic and social success among youths.

Some important past studies and surveys reveals that binge watching leads to have found a negative relationship between time spend on viewing some types of television and academic success(Potter, 1987). Krosnick et al. (2003) found out that too much spending time in front of television box results in lower peer interactions. On contrary many studies found that using of emails, texts messages, social networking sites and communication through mobiles improves communication. (This study found negative effect on academic performance).

After the study, majority of students found to be spending their most of the time on online streaming media (64%) such as Netflix and on social networking sites (58%).these two are reported to be among top 5 cause of both social and academic disruption.

It is good that youth is using technology for their upliftment and progress but more than ever these technological advancements are hampering their growth academically and socially. These disruptive activities are making students life more challenging than ever today.

Research paper – The Netflix Effect: Teens, Binge Watching, and On-Demand Digital Media Trends

Author – Sidneyeve Matrix, (January 2014)

Netflix, from the year of 2013 started releasing all the episodes for certain serials that usually aired on this platform. Some of the shows like Arrested Development, House of Cards, Orange is the new black and others were aired on this platform season wise and not episode wise. This resulted in the emergence of binge watching. Majority of their subscribers would now have the opportunity to watch multiple episodes back to back without having to wait for a new episode to release every time. This created a new interest in the minds of the youth as they preferred binge watching and then took to social media sites to post positive reviews.

In the year 2013, Pricewater House Coopers had conducted a research which showed that 63% of households in US used online video/media streaming and their delivery services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Leichtman Research Group completed a research and they found that 22% of the households stream their shows on Netflix every week throughout the year. A research shows that the figure rises to 33% for a particular household having teens and also in this particular category if the household has teens under the age of twelve the percent shoots up to 37%.

With the world changing and the cultures changing constantly, binge watching and marathon spectatorship is soon becoming a common phenomenon. Viewers are becoming actively involved in the discovering content, discussion the content, connecting with the peers over similar tastes of viewership. With such trends coming up, surely video on demand is the thing of the future.

Research Paper- Netflix and Video Streaming: The remediation of the video rental store into the consumer’s home.

Author- Alvaro Espiritu Santo Raba April 22, 2014


Modern world is finding ease in daily routine, TV shows, movies, can easily watch wherever they can. Time saving, quality video, easy access is essential part in online streaming media. Saving of large data file is no more required, waiting till the file get downloaded is no more required. Broadband helped with faster and clear quality whereas with the help of high speed Internet there are no barriers in audio video quality. People can watch the full TV episode in a day, best interactivity and flexibility in design is offered by flash. To avoid boredom, discomfort in public places, online movies or shows help the individual. Media can stored digitally even sharing of that is much easier alone with the references. But due to this technology there is threaten the relations. Netflix is world’s largest subscribed streaming media and even user can rate the show same time whenever they watch.


Research paper: Fitting into their lives – A survey of three studies about youth media usage

Author: Vivian Vahlberg

There has been a large scale study about the media habits of teenagers around the world due to the amount at stake – Since there are around 33 million teenagers in the United States of America, this demographic has a huge influence on the people around them wiz. Parents, peers and the overall culture of the country at large. The early years of their formation has an influence on a large number of things right from consumer packaging to the democratic process.

There are a lot of key interests and findings from the three studies conducted by the Kaiser family foundation, Nielsen and the Pew Internet and American Life Project.
The average teen spends around three to five minutes a day reading print and online newspapers and any company which wants to be a relevant part of teen lives has to find different mediums other than newspaper, whether print or digital. There is a need to intently focus more on the lives of teens and their needs to develop multiple products to meet their different needs for different times. Teens need to be talked to, in order to be understood better. Their day-to-day lives, media habits and needs for news, features etc should be understood. It is necessary to observe teens, to see how they use technology, and have interesting conversations about these with them. It is not enough to only observe and get teens to read what you have already built.New products need to be developed and tailor-made for the teen’s likings through platforms such as mobile, social networks and online videos according to their different day-times and different needs. We need to build products which enhance the power of these newspapers whether, online or print, through technologies favored by teens. These can also be beneficial to adult light users, whose behaviors are extremely similar to those of teens, which is in turn more beneficial to the organization’s work.

Report – Future of Digital Content Consumption in India, January 2016

Author – Ernst & Young


As per E&Y, India has a large and growing millennial population – young, tech-savvy consumers with rising earnings potential and disposable income. This demographic has historically been and will continue to be, an early adopter of new technology and new models of media consumption. The Indian online media segment is set for disruption with growth expected to reach INR 200 billion (INR 20000 Crores) by 2020 with digital ad spend expected to grow at 23-28%.

They have identified 8 major trends that they think help tell the story about the future of online content consumption and what it means for Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies –

1. Increase in content for the individual

2. Content breaks its 30 and 60 minute shackles

3. Omni platform content consumption

4. The changing face of rural consumers

5. Growth in earning population

6. Community enablement

7. Regional e-celebrities

8. Increase in digital gaming


Report – Digital Media: Rise of On-demand Content

Author – Deloitte.


Deloitte provides a view on what may happen, what could likely occur as a consequence, and the likely implications for various types of ecosystem players. They have provided a considered point of view on key industry trends and developments in key sub-sectors. They also covered the different monetization methods that the players are experimenting with in the evolving Indian online content market in order to come up with the most optimal operating model.


Research Paper- The Evolution of Video Streaming and Digital Content Delivery

Author-Darrell M. West, May 2014

Online streaming media is more flexible, cost effective and adaptable. Irrespective of their age and gender people are enjoying online streaming media. Biggest growth in usage of internet is mainly due to use of online streaming. Many videos are available on television, laptop, desktop, tablet but online streaming is very convenient for every individual and its available on various platform, even 30% of overall internet usage in raised due to this. As nowadays social media is a main part of individual life so its very accessible to share online streaming video to friends and family, along with entertainment online streaming is also help student to watch educational video. Patients of this generation are more aware and they do research on symptoms, treatment and diseases before initiate with doctor. Due to this demand for fast network, sharing platforms is rising. With the growing use of online streaming within modern world, there should be some focus on rural areas. More investment in network infrastructure is need for quality service of internet.