Digital learning is starting to be considered a


              In this new age of technology, schools and
students are becoming more and more adjusted to using digital learning for
teaching classes like using game-based learning and clickers for interactive
activities. Digital Learning is a type of learning that is used with computers
or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology, (Chan,).
It is important for students to develop digital literacy skills so that they
can communicate more and express their ideas using digital media, (Ahmed-Alismail).
Technology is being studied by teachers and used in classrooms for a positive
effect on student learning and that can help students understand better by
having interactive activities that can help students make learning easier.       

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digital learning is shaping how students learn in schools. Digital learning was
created to allow students to express their ideas through this new stage of
learning, students are beginning to see the effects of this change in the
classroom as teachers are finding new ways to teach their classes for example
“ConnectED” students have been seen using this website for textbook use and classwork;
“digital learning can provide very good benefits concerning students including
motivation and reflection for deep learning” (Banny). Using digital learning is
starting to be considered a pedagogy which can engage students and provide them
with a useful learning environment to develop their skills at school students
improved better in there academics since switching to digital learning students
have been excelling in reading comprehension and writing classes (Churchill).
Thanks to these advancements schools are starting to welcome digital learning

has shaped the definition of literacy from the traditional meaning of having
the ability to read and write to being a social practice that enables
individuals to learn and interact with the world. “With this notion of
literacy, technology has become a tool to motivate and engage all learners
through all practices and platforms that could strengthen a student’s learning
experience” (Alsalem). The moving from printed classwork to digital work is a
transfer point of the traditional understanding of learning to a new and modern
meaning. Which is why school districts have implemented technology into digital
learning for K-12 students with disabilities. Using digital learning can help
students with disabilities focus more and allow them to be able catch on better
with the class. Also, with digital learning teachers are able to use hands on
learning material and use discussion based assessments to have their students
engage more and learn with a pace to one’s preference. Also with this learning
technique teachers can test their students to see if they have mastered the
assignment before allowing them to move on to the next segment.  Digital learning technologies can enable
students to grasp concepts more quickly and fully, to connect theory and
application more adeptly, and to engage in learning more readily, while also
improving instructional techniques, leveraging instructor time, and
facilitating the widespread sharing of knowledge. Digital technologies will
enable this in new and better ways and create possibilities beyond the limits
of our current imagination (Mississippi Institute of Technology).

everything that has been talked about with digital learning not many people now
about the environment is for it. A professor in Central China researched about
how the digital learning can be a safe environment for students he stated that
they created a source called cloud computing to help with the digital learning
environment for its services of high reliability, scalability, and
availability, and to help store more space and memory so that teachers and
students can always have more room for information. The cloud computing can
keep all their work intact without any dangers of it getting deleted (Xiong).
Constructing the digital learning  

Environment for learning and distributed learning has
opened up immense amounts of concrete research. However, current digital
learning environments do not fully fulfill the expectations on supporting
interactive group learning, shared understanding and social construction of
knowledge (Huazhong).

learning can also come in different variations instead of just sitting in front
of a computer screen there are video game based learning activities that students
can also enjoy and learn from as well. Online games can satisfy the regular
requirements that learning environments provide and engage students (Killi).
Even though there isn’t an exact game that can successfully combine education
and game design aspects there are still other games that educators and game
designers have worked on that can still benefit students and digital learning.
With this version of digital learning gaming based learning has been shown to
motivate student’s more than regular computer learning would do. Gaming based
learning gives students the immediate feedback, clear goals and challenges that
are matched to his/her skill level. The designers used as a framework to help
facilitate positive user experience in order to maximize the impact of
educational games. But games aren’t the only thing digital learning can also
provide multicultural students may benefit from digital learning since there
might be some language barriers that students and teachers may face in a
classroom. Because we are so technology advanced in this era we are able to
translate words faster than a regular person can and that is a fascinating
concept that has been brought into reality (Alismail) thanks to digital
learning students who aren’t born in America or who are having a hard time
speaking English can use an app called “duolingo” are able to choose the
language they are most comfortable with and work on that classwork with no
problems and when it is time to turn in the classwork they can just translate
their work into the American language. Having this app is useful and anyone can
use it

not just non-speaking Americans this also helps defeat
the language barrier found in most classes.

end this essay, Digital learning is an amazing technological advancement in
American history and many people around the world believe that this can help
students become more active in school and have more motivation to focus and