Diego he was a hardworking man. With

Diego sat down in his lawn chair drenched in sweat. The days were long, and the nights seemed, ever so short. Work was hard to find in Nogales. It meant you would have to spend a very good portion of the day away from your family, and it didn’t pay much, but nevertheless, he was a hardworking man. With little over 3000$ saved in the bank, Diego was planning to find a coyote to bring him to the United States. As dangerous and scary as it would be, he didn’t have much choice. Rent in Nogales was increasing by the month, and soon he would be able to supply enough food himself. “Tomorrow is the day” he thought. “Tomorrow, I will finally find a way. A way to a new start, in a new country. It will be tough, but I have to do it. I haven’t much of a choice anymore.”As Diego ate his dinner, he pondered about what he would need to make it to the United States. The border wasn’t far from Nogales, but there was a long and difficult journey awaiting him on the way to Tucson. The next morning Diego woke up excited to start his new life. All he had to do was make it to Tucson and find some work. He quickly packed as much food as he could in the one small satchel he owned and left his house. Looking back at it he started to second guess leaving all he had behind, but quickly came to his senses and realized that he wasn’t leaving much behind at all. The day seemed to drag on, and he would soon realize the trip wouldn’t be as easy as he thought. But he would be determined to make it through any challenge he would face.  Diego’s house was on the outskirts of town. A lonely place that reeked of the chemicals the neighboring factories were releasing. Having only an hour to make it to his coyote, he was running on a tight schedule. So Diego quickly mounted his bike and rode into town, quickly going over his game plan in his head. The coyote was supposed to pick him and the rest of the group up in a park in the center of Nogales. The park as beautiful as ever, birds chirping, the light breeze, slowly rustling the trees and flowers, seemed empty today. Normally coming to a lovely place like this would fill the void inside of him, caused by how hard life was for him, and how easy it could be for others. “Never mind this.” he thought to himself. “As fulfilling as this place is, I shall make it my goal to never return. When I leave Nogales, I will also leave this life behind.”The coyote soon arrived, along with the other polleros*. “Get in.” ordered a tall, muscular guy in the front. He carried with him a handgun. Perhaps for safety, or for misbehaving polleros. Whichever it was, Diego was still startled by it. “Forget about the gun.” Diego tried to apprehend his thoughts which were going wild. “When we leave here we are free to be whoever we want. Me and everyone else in this car.””Wake up, amigo. We are nearing the border. Soon enough we will be on the road to Tucson.” Diego woke up to the rough voice of one of the other polleros. He was a big man, tan skin, and very muscular. Diego assumed he had worked doing farm work, or perhaps in the mines. Diego started to open up a bag of tortillas with the pocket knife he had packed. “Are you hungry?” Diego asked the man. “No thank you.” he replied. “By the way, my name is Alejandro.”Diego and Alejandro talked for hours about their previous lives. They were both excited for a fresh start, and while they agreed on the United States being a new opportunity, they had different opinions on how easy it would really be. The car came to a sudden stop as the driver pulled over to the side. “Everyone out now!” ordered the coyote in the passenger’s seat. He climbed on top of the car and started to throw everyone their bags. Diego had kept his with him, seeing as how small it was. “What’s going on?” asked one of the other polleros who Alejandro had introduced as Isabella. “We are transferring you to another car.” exclaimed the coyote. “Now everyone start walking.” The group of polleros was about 8 including Diego and Alejandro. As they walked Alejandro had explained a little more about his past. “I was a field worked back in Mexico. I had planted my own corn this year, and while I knew I wouldn’t make much, I didn’t have a choice.” explained Alejandro. “But I decided to come to the United States because the corn prices have been rapidly decreasing.” finished Alejandro. “So that’s my story. How about you Diego? Why did you decide to come to the US?” asked Alejandro. “Well, other than the opportunity to make much more money here, I didn’t have much to live for back in Mexico. But I feel like when I arrive and start settling in to the US, I will make new friends, maybe even start a family.”answered Diego. “I feel like being able to start anew, will make me happier, and I feel that I will have more freedom here in the US rather than in Mexico.” continued Diego. “Let’s hope so.” agreed Alejandro.After walking for about 10 minutes, the group arrived at their destination. The new suburban reeked of the years of use it had given. Diego had assumed this car was used to smuggle polleros in and out of the US plenty of times. The car was in great shape other than a few dents and scratches here and there. It had tinted windows and was painted a dark shade of blue. “Everyone tie your bags to the roof now.” exclaimed one of the coyotes. “There is no time to waste.” All of the polleros obliged, and quickly piled into the car. There was not much room in the back, but at least they were hidden from the border patrol. Diego started to nod off when he heard the coyotes talking in the front of the car. “Border patrol will be after us soon.” said one of the coyotes to the other. “Well then we better hurry up and drop these losers off in Tucson.” the other agreed as the chuckled to themselves.Soon we arrived at Tucson and were dropped off at one of the local farms. “They will provide work for you here.” explained one of the coyotes. “The rules are simple: you will be paid by the amount of work you do, knowing that, put in as much effort as you would like to get out of this experience. The farmers will provide you with a home here on the farm. In regards to food, that is up to you, so I would suggest putting some effort into your work. Now hustle off.” the coyote said. “Farmer Brown is waiting for you in the fields.”So I did work hard, and that’s how I started my new life in the United States, Samuel. I worked in the fields for years, and soon enough I had saved enough to start renting my own place, and I got legal paperwork to live and work in the states. One day I met your grandmother and next thing I knew, I had a real job, a real family, and all I could have ever wanted out of this experience. My story ends here, but yours is just beginning, and while my time is up, I have but one piece of advice to you. Make the most of life while you have the chance, or you will regret it for the rest of your life.