Deforestation Climate change is already a whole issue

is an impending catastrophe. With the current rate of deforestation, in 100
years we will no longer be comparing the pros and cons of forest removal,
because we will no longer have forests to remove. Without trees, humans will
likely cease to exist. Starvation will set in within days of the devastation.
Without trees our air will become unsustainable. (Nassem, 2011)Have you ever
heard of the carbon cycle? Trees play a key role in this process. Without them,
more carbon dioxide will be released into the air causing a decrease in oxygen.
This leads to a temperature increase. Climate change is already a whole issue
in itself without the help of deforestation. Deforestation plays a key role in
climate change. Trees help to maintain the amount of carbon in the air, without
them carbon dioxide is roaming freely through the atmosphere. Acoording to, “Slowing
deforestation by 50 percent from current levels (by 2050) could save
approximately 50 billion tons of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere
– or the equivalent of six years of cumulative global fossil fuel emissions.”
That means just by slowing down deforestation, we could help reduce climate
change. Researchers estimate nearly “15% of all greenhouse gas
emissions are a result of deforestation.”( If you’ve managed to survive the
pollutanous air, then the effect on the agriculture could be the next
challenge. The soil will transform into a toxic nightmare. According to, soil erosion usually
prevented by trees will cause soil to lose its “arability” making it unable to
support plant, which means we can no longer grow any type of food. Adding to
the list of detrimental effects caused by deforestation are droughts. Trees release
their own water to the soil. Trees help to humidify our air, without them the
air will lack moisture. (naseem, 2011) With no trees, no tree products. Think
about how many products come from trees. That means no more paper, books,
benches, chemicals, toilet paper and many more. Not to mention the food and
oxygen all from trees. At the rate we are going today, for every tree cut, you
are signing your future families death certificate. Deforestation comes in many
forms, not just clearcutting. Other ways are through fires, unsanctionable logging
for timber, climate change degradation, and urban developments. Each year wild fires
consume hundreds of acres of forests. Fires are natural but can be devastating
to the environment. Not only do these fires change the make-up of the forest,
they also serve as an invitation to unwanted, invasive species. Illegal logging
is another issue causing more harm to our already endangered habitats. Laws are
in place to protect how much timber is allowed to be cut and where. In a
perfect world every one follows these laws and we do not see so much
deforestation. We do not live in a fantasy. Illegal loggers venture on private properties
and protected areas and take whatever they want. This is becoming more and more
of a problem because we have less trees to work with.  Many species and plants cannot survive their
entire habitat being wiped out. Over half the earths animal and plant life live
in these forest habitats. When we take out entire forests we are also taking
out entire ecosystems. Entire species being taken out but no one cares because it’s
not effecting them personally, yet. With a decrease in forests we see an
increase of greenhouse gases. Why is this bad? We have an excess of greenhouse
gasses trapping the sunlight, causing warmer temperatures. To put simply,
deforestation equals faster global warming. Not only do these gasses play a
hand in global warming, they also cause an increase in extreme weather patterns
and change normal weather patterns. Ever wonder why we are having wicked category
5 hurricanes? Twenty years ago having three high category hurricanes in the
same month was unheard of. Today we are experiencing more and more extreme
weather than ever before and its only going to get worse if we do not fix it
and fast.  Not only do trees help to
maintain our climate, they also balance our water cycle. Deforestation leads to
changes in the way our rivers flow and precipitation.