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Dear Prime Minister, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and appreciate all you have done for us citizens and I am greatly honored to have you as my guest at my school’s science fair which I will be talking about controversial chemicals which is becoming a rising conflict.I have recently completed and will present my research and information about certain groups of chemical in the industry which has many pros and cons like any other chemical and I already have got to a conclusion regarding my issue, however I would like you to consider what I am about to discuss about.I have done a research about controversial chemicals, specifically Sodium and Potassium Benzoate or benzoic acids, which are chemically synthesized preservatives, and I found that it is very widely used today in many products like food, cleaning or personal care products. In general I found out that it was a health issue which has many victims, but unfortunately not everyone is educated about its health risks. Its health risks range from eye irritation to nervous system and brain damage, furthermore it has many pros that can be very good ranging from a cure to cholesterol to enhancing cleaning products. After researching even more I finally concluded with a opinion regarding this issue: The risks regarding this chemical are very concerning and eye catching, therefore consuming this chemical is not worth getting ill or serious medical cases. But on the other hand it helps you with many concerns, however it wouldn’t seem logical to risk your health with this chemical if you can avoid it in food and use other ways to gain help in the other concerns. There are other opinions that may think that it is very rare to get these serious medical concerns and therefore they should use it in order to sell more by producing more products and allowing the products to sit on a shelf longer. I don’t support that idea because it is not worth taking the small risks that can lead to many bigger and therefore I would like you to consider this very serious case. After considering this case I believe that there are many ways to resolve this issue and lowering the risks involved. I think that all companies producing or using these products should be licensed to deal with this chemical, they should also inform the consumer about its presence in the product and potential risk associated with it with a label. Finally in order to resolve this issue Health Canada should also educate its consumers about its risks and raise awareness about benzoic acids and all chemicals that people are not educated about with major risks. I appreciate your consideration of this issue and hopefully after taking the appropriate steps the consumers will have a better comparison when deciding to choose the healthiest product available through the education provided.Adham Radwan,JMSS