Day one destination to other destination. Li-Fi

Day by day
activities is to  send data one
destination to other destination.
 Li-Fi technology has another benefits over Wi-Fi, for example safer for
nuclear energy-producing station, thermal energy-producing
station in that places Wi-Fi are not used.1.Some energy-producing station in which  RF
wave,s is injurious and it may reason of disaster.The
way of communication in such stations only visible light spectrum can be
used.There are four working methods of 
Li-Fi and Wi-Fi are, Efficieny,availability,capcity and security  Wifi and Lifi technology both uses the electromagnetic
spectrum for communication ,but WI-FI uses radio wave,s spectrum.2.(The
working of  present wireless networks
that linked us from internet. working slow when linked to several devices. As
the number of devices increases and also internet speed increases, that the
bandwidth available  makes it more and
more difficult to enjoy high data transfer rates for  a secure network. As a radio waves are just a
small part of spectrum.)Solution of this problem is by working on Lifi
technology.Li-Fi is a data transmission through 
by taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data through an LED
light bulb 3 that make the faster speed as compare to human eye can follow.

 Li-Fi is the term  of fast and cheap wireless communication
system, which is advanced  version of
Wi-Fi. Li-Fi using visible light inspect 
of Gigahertz radio waves for data transfer. Fig. 1. Li-Fi bulb 3. This
idea of Li-Fi was proposed by a German physicist, Harald Hass, which he
concluded to as ?data through illumination. This technology Li-Fi was first
used by Haas in his TED Global talk on Visible Light Communication. According
to Hass, the light, which he concluded that the D-Light, can be used to produce
data rates higher than 10 megabits per second which is more as more  faster than our average broadband connection
4. Li-Fi can relieving the heavy loads which the current wireless systems face.
LIFI offers much larger frequency band (300 THz) compared to that available in
RF communications (300GHz). As more data coming through the visible light
spectrum could concerns that the electromagnetic waves affect our health. Li-Fi
can be new technology  as for  future where data for laptop,mobiles  and tablets will be transmit through the
light in a room. Security cannot  be
the  issue because if you cannot see the
light, you cannot  access the data. As a
result, it can be used in high security military areas.

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