Dance for an audience. Ballet has a rich

Dance is considered a performing art that consists of intentional patterns of human movement. The art of dance is performed by skillful entertainers that purposely communicates in a way that no other art form can. There are many styles of dance, – ballet, tap, jazz, folk, contemporary, ballroom, etc. The different styles discussed in this paper will show that  ballet, ballroom, and hip-hop dance all serve a purpose and are meaningful as an art style.  Whatever style of dance you choose they all have repetition, form and rhythm and there is  something about  dance that makes people feel alive.Balletto is Italian diminutive of the ballot, meaning “to dance, to jump about.” Its origin is French . Ballet was considered a formalized form of dance that was inspired by aristocrats. Ballet is a  formal dance technique that is usually combined with costumes,  music, and a very artistic stage design. Ballet uses elements in drama to make an storyline for an audience. Ballet has a rich history that began in the 15th and 16th centuries. Intended for means entertainment Ballet began in the Italian Renaissance courts. Due to the beauty of the emerging art form it spread from Italy to France by Catherine de’ Medici. It later developed into a “concert dance form” due to the musical aspect of the performance that spread to France and Russia. The first professional ballet company developed after King Louis XIV founded the Académie Royale de Musique .As a result of the years of experimentation of styles, ballet has undergone many modifications as dancers and teachers incorporated special characteristics and trademarks into their practice. There are nine distinct “ballet periods”; The Renaissance Period, The Baroque Period, The Classical Period, Pre-Romantic Period, Romantic Era, The Russian Classics, The Ballet Russes, Ballet in Europe, Ballet in America. Each of these periods have distinct styles and techniques associated with them.  Considering how ancient ballet is, there are still school and instructors who teach this beautiful art form. One of the best schools resids right here in the united states. Master Ballet Academy, USA is known to take various students from different backgrounds and turn them into talented ballet dancers. Master Ballet Academy is the newest school on the list, but  they focus on improving young students to make them the best dancers worldwide. Much of the history of ballroom dancing revolved around social gatherings such as  balls and dances. Most if the time these gatherings were important means to allow young people to meet each other, and possible become husband and wife. Ballroom dancing allowed couples to spend quality time together while being chaperoned.This allowed to keep a sense of romance while following their moral values. Modern ballroom dancing introduced new music styles. And originated during the 20th century. Ballroom dances started learning standardize moves that they could share with others they just met. Dancers and professionals like Irene and Vernon Castle, and dance societies such as the Arthur Murray group were very influential. Later in the century, screen actors such as Fred Astaire helped to spread interest in modern ballroom dancing.Dancesport, competitive ballroom dancing,  began to overtake social dancing towards the end of the 20th century. It had two main styles evolving: the International style and the American style. Dancesport held a world championship in 1909 of course held unofficially.. It first appeared on the television in 1960 and became very popular during the 1980s. Interest in  ballroom dancing increased dramatically due to the presence of competitive dancing on television seen around the world. One of the more popular dance styles today is hip-hop dance. Hip-hop dance refers to a style of dance that has emerged out of hip-hop culture and is usually danced to upbeat or rap music.Hip-hop began in the early 1970s by Afrika Bambaataa who created a street organization called Universal Zulu Nation. The creation of Hip Hop was intended to distract teenagers in efforts to keep them away from gangs, drugs and violence. As hip-hop music began to expand, different artists began to develop unique dance moves.  Today, there are a variety of styles of hip-hop dance. Originally there were just three: popping, locking, and breaking. People began to group together and form dance crews to show off their improved skills. This started a competitive sport where dance crews  battled other crews. The combination of the original dance styles and the improved moves from the competitive dance battles inspired new forms and techniques, which are now an important part of hip-hop culture Hip-hop dance allows people to express themselves without judgement.  Though “freestyle” dance, dancers have the opportunity to adopt new styles and techniques that differentiates them from others. Once those are perfected, they can master a new routine. Like Ballet and Ballroom, there are institutions that are dedicated to hip-hop dancing.  EXPRESS, a hip-hop based student group at Elizabethtown College, that  focuses on combining the different styles and techniques  of hip-hop dance. This institution welcomes all students who want to learn more about the history of hip-hop culture and dance. EXPRESS also incorporates a variety of styles and techniques to help diversify the Elizabethtown College campus and offer a creative outlet for the imagination. No matter what type of dance you perform, dance is an art form. It is a passion that people have and they choose to make it a lift style. At the heart of dance is a whispered question. Is this an art form that tells us a story – or one that simply celebrates the beauty of the human body in movement? Either way It’s encouraging and exciting to see such ambition and commitment peeping through in dance.Even with the variety of dane, it still is  the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself.  References:Bedinghaus, T. (n.d.). What is Hip-Hop Dance? Retrieved November 30, 2017, from Topics in Dance and Dance History. (n.d.). Retrieved November 30, 2017, from Guide. (n.d.). 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