Creating ground and co-interests so that everyone can

Creating a dress code for the staff is a tricky thing as they have to deal with interaction with the public. Many people will be turned off by staff members who dress sloppily. It also has a negative impact on the staff member and can also prove as a distraction for the others as it may not suit the formal business environment. In order to overcome these problems with employees, the easy and non-controversial dress code is implemented. In my opinion, for the approval of the third member, we shall meet and have a discussion stating the importance of the suitable dress code and why it matters for the university and related concerns with the 3rd member.  There may be three outcomes for the discussion. They are:

Case 1: All three parties are in consensus

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              I will propose my plan of code and state the pros and cons of each style I planned and request the third party to rethink so that our concepts are available up with the most effective outcome.

Case 2: 3rd party not agreeing but willing to listen

We must be clear that negotiation with the 3rd member might end up in positive gain or reduction of potential loss. We need to discuss the personal concerns & then discuss the range of solutions that satisfy each member.

              Before continuing with negotiation, we need to anticipate the best and worst possible results that may occur and work hard for an ideal solution. We can use the Cooperative strategy in a negotiation where we look for the common ground and co-interests so that everyone can get benefitted by sharing the same trust and kindness. It is considered to be best when each member similarly cooperates but they may also manipulate.

Case 3: 3rd party is completely dissatisfied

Even if the third party is not satisfied, then there are other strategies that need to be followed like competitive strategy where you give nothing and demand everything by keeping the pressure on the other party. It will be used when you must win the negotiation irrespective of the 3rd member. The analytical strategy is also one of the solutions where negotiation is a problem-solving exercise that should benefit everyone. We try to separate the people from the problem, focus on interests & generate options for mutual gain and use the object of making decisions.