Continuing more of the Asian century, according to



to Take advantage of the Asian century will no doubt have a positive effect on
Australia and its economy. Australia has been involved with Asia for quite some
time but now more than ever and it is vital for Australia to maintain this
relationship throughout continuously changing its cultural identity so that
Australia as a nation can see successful economic progress. The best way, I believe,
to achieve a cultural identity that will link us to Asia stronger than ever is
through “Asia literacy” which is the “study of skills, histories, cultures and
geographies of the Asia region” (Leong 2017).  In the following paragraphs, I will further
explain why Australia should continue to change its culture identity and how.


Asia, being home to two thirds of the worlds population has a very strong
influence on the world and especially on Australia. With time Asia will surely
rise to become the largest producer and consumer in the world (Australian curriculum).
About 70% of Australia’s exports are from Asia which is what has linked us so closely
in the past. But now we must make more of the Asian century, according to henry
(2012) the global centre of the world is steering to Asia and Australia, the
lucky country, happens to be exactly in that region. However, in order to take
advantage of Asia’s economic rise Australia must firstly strengthen its
relationship with Asia which can be done through the changing of our cultural
identity. There is no better way to start a change in cultural identity than through
the education system. A key requirement to be taught is the Asia literacy
concept (Australian curriculum) through this Australia will be able to come
forward with a strong stance to the Asian region which will in turn allow
Australia to take advantage of the opportunities present in the region (ABC
2012). Through the use of education the government will be made sure that not
only will young Australians learn about Australia and Asia’s past history
together but also be able to see the similarities instead of differences of “us”
and “them”, through education the government will be able to create a shift in
cultural identity that will occur through advanced knowledge of Asia and what
benefits we can gain by being located in the Asian region during the Asian century
which will increase the chance of successful participation in the Asian region
(Australian curriculum) as the population will become well aware of our
similarities and benefits that Australia will economically gain.

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Australians may not support changing our cultural identity to further take
advantage of the Asian century due to our negative perceptions of the people of
Asia in our history. However, the benefits Australia will gain due to its close
relationship with Asia cannot be emphasized enough as due to Australia’s
geographic location, it is permanently tied to Asia (Henry 2012). For this reason,
being part of the Asian century is surely a path to future success for the nation
and it is very important that Australia does not get left behind in the Asian
century (Johnson 2010). When we change our cultural identity, we are able to
become more included into our region, after all we are in Asia, we may “look” different
and speak languages that are black and white in their differences but we must
look to include ourselves more to our region, Australia must create ties with
Asia that are even stronger than its ties with the US. Recently Australia’s
attitude towards china Is growing increasingly friendlier with china than it is
with the US, especially with the youth, the Australian government should take
advantage of this shift in attitudes and combine it with better learning
opportunities to enhance the populations knowledge of Asia and see Asia as more
than a trading partner but a neighbour.  Also,
Australia’s link with Asia isn’t just a one-way road. China also invests plenty
in Australia with over 200,000 thousand students enrolled in its universities
each year and in 2016 1.2mil Chinese tourists visited Australia (ABS). Australia
and china are no doubt already interconnected whether through trade, tourism or
immigration so why not make this relationship stronger for our own advantage. therefore,
not only must we change how we are taught about Asia in schools but we must
also teach Asian languages so that we are able to take advantage to our full
potential (Henry 2012). By learning Asia literacy, the youth of Australia will
overtime acquire enough information about Asia and language to then be able to
implement these teachings and skills to communicate, understand and even work in
Asia (Australian curriculum).


is no secret that Many Australians have a negative view of Asia and although Australia’s
knowledge of Asia has drastically changed in the past 40 years there is still a
very long way to go before Australia is seen more than an Economic opportunist
trying to take advantage and creating allies only with the strongest nations. Since
Being in the same geographic location doesn’t mean in any way promised
relationships with neighbouring countries Australia must push through and
change its cultural identity. It is the only way and I cannot emphasize enough
how important it is for Australian youth to be taught about Asia, currently
most of the information taught about Asia is outdated, due to new circumstances
and Asia’s rapid economic growth and how it affects us Australia needs new ways
of teaching about Asia as in the past and still a fair bit now the way we are
taught about Asia is that we are completely different to “them” and you would
think we aren’t even in the same region! and due to our now stronger relationship
with Asia we need Asia interpreted in a different way to Australia’s society.


we can come to the conclusion that Australia should continue to change its
cultural identity to better take advantage of the Asian century. Because by doing
this Australia will enable great benefits for its economy as our economy and
even our security is linked to our region (Australian government 2012).
Australia must change its cultural identity and become more “Asia literate”
(henry 2012). Australia is extremely involved in the Asian market already and
is almost completely dependent on the Chinese economy. This makes it vital for
us to continue to change our identitiy due to our geographical location, we
must take advantage and grasp the benefits of what is around us. Though the
process of changing our cultural identity is easier said than done, as surely
many conflictions and angered older generations may come forth about further
changes to how Asia is portrayed in our education system, it is still very
vital to the economic success of our nation. The Australian youth must be
prepared and ready to not only learn Asian literacy but also be a part of the Asian
century. Asia is bringing change to the world, it is rising faster than ever
and we must take this opportunity and grow with Asia, if not done now our economy
may suffer undeniably in the future economically, politically and in terms of security.