Constitution of Child Welfare Committee (Section 29 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000)

(2) The Committee shall consist of Chairperson and four other members as the State Government may think fit to appoint, of whom at least one shall be a woman and another, an expert on matters concerning children.

(3) The qualifications of the Chairperson and the members, and the tenure for which they may be appointed shall be such as may be prescribed.

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(4) The appointment of any member of the Committee may be terminated, after holding inquiry, by the State Government, if:

(i) He has been found guilty of misuse of power vested under this Act;

(ii) He has been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude, and such conviction has not been reserved or he has not been granted full pardon in respect of such offence;

(iii) He fails to attend the proceedings of the Committee for three consecutive months without any valid reason or he fails to attend less than three-fourth of the sittings in a year.

(5) The Committee shall function as a Bench of Magistrates and shall have the powers conferred by the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 on a Metropolitan Magistrate or, as the case may be, a Judicial Magistrate of the first class.