Conservative effect on the opinions and interest

Conservative vs Liberal
Mass Media

on Minimum Wage

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            Mass media plays a roll in
influencing the behavior of others through various forms of news and entertainment. According to Thorton
(2013),  the core of media
favoritism goes back to the nineteenth century. These issues began with stated grievances about the media’s partiality
towards one subject or another.  This
influence has created a concern that mass media has an effect on the opinions and interest of others even when the media explains that their thoughts, behaviors, and
actions belong equally to both sides.


Minimum Wage


             The argument
associated with the minimum wage continues
to be a highly debatable subject in the media. The
liberal side of the argument explains that workers work all day and still live
in poverty.  Conservatives contend that a
hike in the minimum wage will reduce jobs for the younger generation and those
who have very little money (Scheiber, 2013).

            In today’s world, minimum wage continues to be a volatile set of
words spoken by the working class of the United States of America.  The subject of
the minimum wage was first brought to light in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt,
the 32nd President of the United States.  During this time, “minimum wage was $0.25
cents per hour, which translates in 2012 as $4.00 dollars an hour” (Bose, 2017,
para. 7).  During this time, the federal
government created Fair Labor Standards Act which created a minimum wage for the


            According to What
is Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? definition and meaning. (n.d.), this act
was created to defend employees from discriminating employment practices such
as uneven compensation, extreme work schedules and times, the absence of overtime reimbursement, and hazardous
work surroundings in the United States.
In the 79 years that the Fair Labor Standards Act was created, the minimum wage has increased twenty-two times
with the last raise of “$7.25 an hour in 2009” (UC Davis Center for Poverty Research, n.d., para.

            The arguments on both sides express
their opinion to say that increasing the minimum wage will help to reduce
poverty, raise confidence and create a way for a business to focus on efficiency
in the workplace. While others contest
that raising the minimum wage will raise
the poverty and the unemployment level plus
create a hardship to businesses.   

            These types of argument play
a role in framing the information in an optimistic manner, while the other
frames it pessimistically.  Framing
Theory says that the media uses effects to encourage or discourage the way
individuals construe realism (“Framing Theory”, 2012).

            In articles written by Lydersen and Melchior,
the authors framed their stories in order to cause
the reader to be motivated by their words. 
 Both articles explain how the increase in the minimum wage is being fought in the street by
striking and picketing.  It seems that
the articles paint the picture of the lower-income
worker as being mistreated. However, in the conclusion of the article by Melchoir (2013), she frames her story by stating that
minimum wage increases will hurt workers through job elimination and the employment
of fewer workers.   



            According to Lydersen (2013),
she framed her story around the fight for increasing worker wages and job conditions
through a collective effort. In reading her story, each section details the
plight of everyday people fighting to have a better life.  She emphasized how these workers will keep
fighting until the end.   I believe that the Agenda-setting theory is used in both communication
styles.   The Agenda-Setting
Theory states that the media creates a way to format realism and lure individuals into certain topics. (“Agenda Setting
Theory”, 2012).

            When Minimum
Wage was created, I believe that the creators did not believe that it was designed
as a lifetime career opportunity for workers. It is my belief that minimum wage jobs belong in the entry-level category. 
This means that a worker does not have to stay in the beginning category
for life.  Moving forward and making a change
for the better is a goal worth attaining.  According to Socrates Quotes (n.d.) ” The Secret
of Change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building
the new” Retrieved January 28, 2018, from ttps://,
para. 1).