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   Consequences on young generation’s health is one of the effect of using social media. Sitting is the most often activity teenagers love to do which is mindlessly scrolling through their social media feeds when they some times to kill. Searching for interesting news or stories that they can viral it or just wasting their golden time. Studies show that the way we use social media can determine its effect on mood.   Sitting can be a bad habit when youth become addicted to it. It is because addiction criteria, such as neglect of personal life, mental preoccupation, escapism, mood modifying experiences, tolerance and concealing the additive behavior appear to be present in some people who use the social network excessively (A;ice, 2017). In some studies on people who are over-dependent on digital devices found to have the feeling of anxiety when they stop using the devices. These psychological effects are accompanied by actual physiological changes. This feeling of anxiety of if continuously triggered, it can effect our health.   Furthermore, youth cannot run away from social network. In the other word, young generations are synonym to this social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So, it is easily for them to see others post in the social media. Mostly of the post would be a happy side of their life like happy family, expensive car, branded materials or acknowledge their success. It is an unusual to see a post about sadness, losing or failing. Then, when the youngness see all kind of the happy post, it can lead to jealousy and become a vicious cycle: feeling jealous can make a person want to make their own life look better and post jealousy-inducing posts of their own, in an endless circle of one-upping and feeling jealous.   Besides, when this happen, people will comparing their life with others. This comparison factor can makes person feel socially isolated. This kind of comparison factor is linked to depressive system. After that, they start to have their own judgement on life and always think negative of their life. This problem only will makes them feel depressed and bad. It will triggers more sadness to their life. Slowly their confident level will drop and become hard to face other peoples. Then, they will become mentally unhealthy.   Social media can directly impact physical health.this is associated with how they use it. Especially when youth exposed or staring at the screen of the device for too long, they can get eyestrain from it. Smartphones emit blue light, which is very bright for our eyes. Looking at our smartphones in bed is especially harmful, as this direct exposure to light can be damaging to our retinas, which can lead to worsening eyesight (Suruchi, 2016). Fatigue also another symptom of overusing social media. If people staying up too late posting on social media, they may be losing valuable sleep.In order to achieve and maintain healthy sleep, our bodies need to be able to naturally produce melatonin. Staring at smartphone screens in bed is like tricking the body into staring into a brightly-lit landscape, which delays melatonin production and prevents us from having quality sleep patterns, resulting in a host of health issues. Moreover,Android users tend to develop rounded shoulders, spinal curvatures, vertebrate disorders, and associated neck pain and headaches caused by these ailments. It makes sense. Using our smartphones often involves being hunched over. Our posture suffers, and we alter the muscles and bones in our torsos over time. Plus, social media also can cut into the time people might otherwise be spending outdoors or exercise and lack of exercising happen. Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when people do too much keying on android, which can strain the tendons of finger (Alex,2016). Lastly, social media can cause stress and other negative emotion. If interacting on social media causes stress, it definitely not good especially to young generation’s health.