Consequences believe that being involved in sexual activities

Consequences of

In an article published by
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, “nearly half (47%) of all high school
students reported having had sexual intercourse in 2013” (KFF) the higher
statistics of youngster’s behavior on sexual activities are very alarming in
this society. Dr. Jean M. Twenge best portrays the crucial reality of this
generation in her book Generation Me, where Dr. Twenge describes the astonishing
truth of  how this generation has more
freedom than any other generation before, are highly engaged in sexual
activities at young age and how they do not considered it to be a big deal. It
has become very common in this society for youngers to lose their virginity at
the early age of life. The youngsters of this generation believe that being
involved in sexual activities is their freedom, it also makes them look better
and above their peers. In this
modern era, despite being the best country in the world, there is a shade of
darkness that puts this society in shame because every year the numbers of
underage sexual activities are drastically increasing which has caused many
downsides to the society. The problems with early sex are higher pregnancy
rates, and higher risks of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases); however, there
are many solutions to this issue such as education and safe sex practices.

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Teenage pregnancy in the
United States is at the highest peak among other nations. There have been many
cases of a high school female student carrying her child to her classroom. How
can one decide to become a parent when they are only 16 years old? A famous
saying in our society is very true “16 and pregnant.” Most of the adolescence
are dependent on their parents for any kind of resources they need. Becoming a
parent at early age has some negative effects on life. According to the United
States federal agency Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “In 2015, a total of 229,715 babies
were born to women aged 15–19 years, for a birth rate of 22.3 per 1,000 women
in this age group.” The officials compared the current results with
previous years, however these numbers have surprisingly lowered but the numbers
of teen pregnancies are still very high in the United States. The high numbers
illustrate how unwanted pregnancies among youngsters are terrible decisions
they have made. It does not only destroy the young parent’s future but also the
future of new born child because the young mother who herself goes to high
school has to face difficulties of balancing her education and nurturing the
child. In most cases in society, the young parents are less likely to continue
their education and end up being a single parent facing the real-life
difficulties. Early age pregnancy has also caused many females to face
psychological issues which ultimately results in suicide. Apart from early age
pregnancies, STDs also plays a major role in early age sex among teens.

The wrongful decisions of
adolescents to have sexual intercourse at a young age have caused them to
develop and infect others with terrible Sexual Transmitted Diseases. Due to
unprotected sex, teens are among the highest to face these deadly STDs which
are commonly known as HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Many people are not even
aware with the symptoms of these deadly diseases after ending up being a victim
of it. As mentioned by Dr. Twenge, “Colleges are also a common place to acquire
an STD, as a 2000 study found that between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 college students
had unprotected sex at least once in the past year.”  This behavior of students has caused many to
develop STDs resulting in embarrassment and death. The social circle of
youngsters finds it “cool” to have sex without condoms because they think it
gives them more pleasure and satisfaction. STDs are spreading at such faster
rate that even high school and colleges have free medicine and condom vending
machine so that students can prevent it, but many do not take it seriously
until someone they know faces it. Due to embarrassment, many students would
prefer not to disclose to their doctor or someone else if they are the victim
of these diseases and this can lead to spreading the disease to their loved
ones or new partner which is a common practice among college students. Some
movies that shows the life of famous college student having unprotected sex are
also responsible for this problem. Therefore, to prevent the risks of becoming
a victim of these problems is to spread sex education.

Education is one of the main
solution that youngsters can learn to make healthy and appropriate decisions.

Government invests huge sum of money in promoting sex education to help its
citizens make educated decisions. According to a nonprofit organization,
Advocates for Youth, provides a research study “on youth sexual risk-taking for
young people ages 15-19, and found that teens who received comprehensive sex
education were 50 percent less likely to experience teen pregnancy than those
who received abstinence-only education.” If sex education is supplied to
youngsters in a polite and friendly manner, it could help them brighten up
their future and delay sexual activities until they are old enough to know the
consequences ahead. It would be good to provide an overview to middle school
students to warn them to make appropriate decisions. Rather than enforcing
college students to take electives that they will forget after a semester, it
would be better to enforce a course on sex education which they can make a use
of on their personal life. At the end, it is very important to help young
people protect their healthy lifestyle. The main goal of these educational
program should be to promote the use of condoms in order to decrease unwanted
pregnancy and lower the risk of STDs among youth.

Use of contraceptives such as
condoms, birth control pills, and IUD are known to effectively decrease the
rate of unwanted pregnancy and STDs, when these methods are used together they
can work in a very efficient way to lower these rates. Contraceptives are
usually very popular amongst the youth because they let the teenagers and young
adults continue being sexually active and stay safe at the time avoiding
pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. According to the Journal of
Adolescent health, Understanding the
Decline in Adolescent fertility in the United States, 2007-2012, “the rate
of teens reporting one or more methods used at last sex increased significantly
from 2007-2012, rising from 78% to 86%. There was also significant increase in
adolescent females reporting use of two or more methods at last sex, which
increased from 26% to 37% (Lindberg 579). The increased use of contraceptives
always brought decrease in teen pregnancy “6.3% annual rate of decline in the
adolescent pregnancy rate from 2007-2011” (Lindberg 580). The substantial
decline in pregnancy and incline in contraceptives showed a positive
correlation between the two, it was also surprising to see that using multiple
methods had a bit larger increase rate than using only one method. This also
determined that contraceptives are 
useful in decreasing the risk of early pregnancy which will eventually
lower the risk of STDs.

Today’s generation have more
of an open and rather unrestricting view of fulfilling sexual desires compared
to past generations who portrayed more conservative views on sex. Although
sexual relationships can be very beneficial for lowering stress levels and
depression but they also come along with many consequences when they are not
done in right way. The many consequences include a high risk of STDs and higher
pregnancy rates and sometimes suicide or death. However, there are many ways to
decrease the rate of both of these problems such as providing education on sex
and use of contraceptives. The combination of both of these solutions will
provide more effective and bright way that will help youngsters results for
safer future.