Conflicts complete waste of money and time.

can be caused by differing ideologies, and this is often the case. People with
a large following are often the conflicts that get followed the closest. Donald
Trump is a person who has recently had a lot of press attention for having
multiple differing views, this is since his presidency began. One of his views
that has caused the most controversy is his thoughts on creating a travel ban on six Muslim-majority
countries. As “Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown” of
Muslim immigration to the United States” (Scott, E. 2017) he is causing
conflict between himself and the whole Muslim Community.

We can see this coming from a young Muslim living in
Washington, USA. “The Muslim ban is a painful reminder of how deep
Islamophobia runs in not only the American government but also in our
culture. It dehumanizes Muslims. It says that the highest court in the land and
the public are OK with Muslims being separated from their family” (McNamara, B.

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second recent Ideology that has caused Conflict is also from Donald Trump.
“Donald Trump is setting out to fulfil one of his key campaign promises, with
an executive order to build his proposed wall along the US-Mexico border” his
aim from building this wall is to reduce the rate of illegal immigrants
entering America and to eventually stop it completely. This is causing conflict
and controversy within Mexico as completely disagree with the action as the Mexican
foreign minister said “”Under no scenario
will we contribute economically to an action of this kind.” Trump has ‘suggested
the wall will cost $12 billion, (CNBC, 2017) this has been called a complete
waste of money and time. It will also cause conflict within the Mexican public
too, the wall being built will contribute to gangs being formed purely to spite
the American Government. This may cause acts of violence and may lead to people
becoming injured.