Conflict the Kurds in Turkey and the

Conflict is an unavoidable situation which can be seen
throughout history. These conflicts have altered throughout time depending on
the desires and necessities of that period. In the past big actors were mostly
empires with the main goal of expanding their power and territory. Through the
rapid growth of technology, and globalization these conflicts became more intricate
and complex. Conflicts nowadays consist of multiple actors such as proxy wars,
large intergovernmental organizations, and all of which is dissected by the media and then fed
to the public. Since media has become a staple of our daily life we have
grown to be more conscious of the various conflicts currently active around the
world. This begs the question what is the main cause of conflict in the current
age? Some People may argue that the main cause of conflict nowadays is
identity, the idea of belonging to a certain group, race, and nationality. This
can be seen in conflicts such as the Kurds in Turkey and the Catalans in Spain.

Even though identity is an important factor in causing conflict, there are a
myriad of distinct factors that stimulate different situations such as
political/ governance, territorial/resources, religion, and race. For
political/governance we will be analyzing the situations in Syria and Afghanistan,
territorial conflict in south east china, religion the Sinai conflict in
Egypt, and for race we will be analyzing the ongoing disparity between
races in the US.

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Identity as defined by the Cambridge dictionary is “the qualities of a person or a group that make them
different from othersCW1 .” This idea of being of separate from others can cause internal
conflicts in countries where they have diverse groups with different cultures
and languages. This can be seen in two modern day cases such as the Kurds in
Turkey and the Catalans in Spain. The Kurds are an indigenous group from the
Mesopotamian planes and the highlands which is nestled between the countries of
Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and ArmeniaCW2 . Since
the Kurds have their own long history and adhere to their own culture, race,
and language they have been trying to become its own independent state since
the early 20th century. Through a series of false promises and the
treaty of Lausanne the Kurds ended without their own land. This has led to an
ongoing conflict between Turkey and the Kurds which has resulted in the deaths
of nearly 40,000 people. CW3  Today
the conflict between the Kurds and the Turkish government has escalated after a
failed attempt at a cease fire in 2015. This was only fueled by the attempted
coupe d’état in 2016, and the conflicts seems to be far from being
resolved.   Cataluña is another example
of a group which has its own language and culture wanting independence. Unlike
the situation in Turkey with the Kurds, the Cataluña independence was resolved
in a relative peaceful manner but it has the tendency to resurface sporadically.

Throughout the years Cataluña has been one of Spain’s biggest contributors to the economy with them making up nearly 19%
of its GDPCW4 . This
year Cataluña held an independence referendum, which was not recognized by the
Spanish government and ended up with the Spanish police intervening during the
voting. The police injured hundreds of Catalans for trying to vote for their independenceCW5 . It
ended up with the Spanish government dissolving the Catalan government and
calling for new elections. Both of these cases showcase how identity can lead
to conflict and the different heights it can reach.


The search for territory and natural resources has become
one of the main concerns in todays world, with countries always looking to
improve their economical standings. This often leads to conflict between rival
countries who are looking for natural resources. This can be seen with the
conflict currently going on in the south China sea. China is currently trying
to claim sovereignty over the sea and its potential 11 billion barrels of
untouched oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. CW6 This
has led to conflict between China, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Brunei. CW7 China
has furthered its quest by placing naval patrols and building islands. While
the US has been placing military ships and planes in certain islands and
calling them “freedom of navigationsCW8 .” There have been various attempts at trying to reach an accord, but
China has been uncooperative with them not agreeing to negotiate with AseanCW9 .

Territorial issues have been ongoing and will most likely increase with the
rapidly decreasing number of natural resources.


Race has been a controversial topic around the globe and has
been a forerunner for many of todays conflicts. The issue of race can be seen
most noticeably in the United States of American with the issue of police brutality
and the disparity in the wage gape between African American, Hispanics, and
Whites. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed various cases where in
an African American was ruthlessly shot by American police officers, and at a
much higher rate then whites. In the years of 2015 and 2016 African Americans
were at twice the risk of getting killed by police compared to whites.  CW10 One of the recent and controversial cases
during this time was the shooting of Philando Castile. On july 6 2016, Philando
Castile was killed in front of his girlfriend and daughter of five by a police
officer by the name of Yanez, because of a misunderstanding where Yanez thought
that Philando was about to pull out his firearmCW11 . This case was broadcasted all over social
media, and when the jury found Yanez not to be guilty it caused a wave of anger
and protest across the USA. As mentioned before police brutality is not the
only form of discrimination in the USA, it can also be seen in daily life with
the difference in wage gap between different races. This wage gap can be seen
at different points in our history, for example in 1989 the average income of a
white family was $37,630, while Hispanics had an average income of $25,064 and
African Americans
$22,430. CW12  This difference in income is still evident
and can be seen in the 2016 where it is shown that whites earn an average $65,041
compared to Hispanics who earn $47,675 and black with $39,490. CW13 These inequalities have been at the center
of many of USA modern conflicts and is a constant presence in media and
politics. This is only spurred on with the support of organizations such as
Black Lives Matter who are an organization that fight for the rights of black
people around the globe.


Politics has become a vital role in todays globalized world
and is now stronger than ever as a result of large intergovernmental organizations.

Through politics we have been able to achieve peace and prosperity in many
areas but just as well it has been at the center of many of todays conflicts. An
example of this would be the current issue in Afghanistan. The Afghan
government has been through many political transitions, and the one in 2014 may
prove to be most peaceful one yetCW14 . As the ex-president Karzai voluntary left
office, a plethora of different canditates from different.