Computers in me securing good marks in all

Computers have triggered unprecedented
progression of human civilization in such a short time that we can’t even
visualize the mammoth evolutionary trends that await us in future. Computing
technology in its various avatars has fascinated me since childhood and I
always had nursed the desire to unravel the underlying intricacies.

As a student, my interest for science
and mathematics had always inspired me to never remain content with superficial
understanding of any concept. This also had tacitly contributed in me securing
good marks in all major milestone exams of my life. After my Intermediate, I
had really boned up hard to get past the tough and competitive national level
engineering entrance exams. My efforts paid off as I got a seat in the
prestigious Manipal Institute of Technology. My natural choice was ‘Computer
and Communication Engineering’. It was time for me to pursue my passion
spiritedly. Interaction with professors, spending quality time in research
labs, and self-study rendered me proficient in developing applications in
various programming languages like Java, Python,C# along with detecting and
removing bugs.

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While in second year of under-graduation,
I had the opportunity of attending a workshop on “Big Data Analytics
Application Development on IBM Blue mix Cloud Platform” organized by IBM. I was
amazed to learn about the potential of Data Science and Analytics in providing
meaningful and actionable insights to businesses. Hordes of data can be mined
through for strategic deployment of relevant information for catering
adequately to the sentiments of market. Subjects in my course like ‘Data Mining
and Predictive Analysis’ and ‘Hadoop Programming Lab’ offered me further
pragmatic exposure to analytics. Soon it became a way of life for me to analyze
social media, stocks and other trends for sharpening my predictive skills.
Reading and implementing various IEEE papers came to my support. In the sixth and
seventh semesters, I chose ‘Statistical Analysis and Applications’ and ‘Machine
Learning’ as program electives to remain in touch with this vibrant field. In
2016s summer, I joined HCL Info Systems as a Software Developer. Over here, I
started optimizing my knowledge on Hadoop concepts for working on projects like
‘Data Deduplication’ and ‘Cabinet Ministry Prediction’. 

Along with academics, I have always
remained active in other spheres of social and technical lives. In the
Microsoft Hackathon, my team of 3 had developed “Pool my Ride” android
application using Azure cloud for helping people share their own car rides. In
the cultural fest of college ‘Revels’, I had coordinated the functioning of
Infodesk category for managing finances and leading a team of 15 people. In every
summer vacation, I would enthusiastically take part in social activities like
Blood Donation Camp, Medical check-ups, Eye and Body part donation camps under
Trimurti Foundation, Jalgaon.

I was recruited in campus selection
round for Wipro Technologies as Project Engineer. Earlier, I had done my
internship at Wipro and developed various MIS dashboards by analyzing and
reframing the existing database for more meaningful insights. My stellar
performance on Web Development and Analytics platform had earned me positive
feedback from Wipro which enabled me to secure ‘A’ grade in my project work. In
2017, I eventually don my graduate engineer’s cap with a CGPA of 7.46.

Presently, I am working on Network
configuration using LTE, Analytics and Java. Concurrently, I am discharging the
responsibilities of a Test Engineer for assessing and evaluating signal quality
of mobile networks. This professional experience has been intellectually
rewarding for me as working on foreign client’s project has interfaced me with
global business dynamics and contemporary perspectives.

Master’s program would fortify my
advanced skills and lend me international academic credentials which would
immensely improve my employability quotient. The ability to research in state
of the art labs equipped with cutting edge tools would make the depth of my
practical skills credible to prospective employers. This would help me secure
an industry position wherein I can work with autonomy and authority for
implementing my innovative ideas for the betterment of society. Exposure to
Data Science and Analytics at undergraduate level and corporate experience has
been my prime motivators for this decision. I desire to pursue Master of
Science in at due to its impeccable
reputation as a top notch institution in the entire United States of
America.  I aspire to engage in
groundbreaking research work to add depth to my knowledge and imbibe relevant
perspectives in the field of data science. The elevated educational standards,
excellent research infrastructure and unsullied reputation of faculty of
will aid me in the field. Data Analytics is fast ushering in
the next phase of societal evolution and I wish to be a part of this.

I believe that admission at
will help me prove my mettle and instill in me the richness of sophisticated