Compony known as a “Apple experience” A very

Compony Description


Spice Technology
Group is a public For-Profit compony, Spice Tech Group’s customers consist of
over 2,000 organizations worldwide, from regional manufacturing and
distribution companies to large global brands some examples are Adidas, Canada
Goose and Steve Madden. Spice Tech was founded in early 2011 by Neel Sharma
& Jose Stein of Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Spice Technology Group offers
both a product and a service, Spice Tech Group’s core business is to help
organizations with complex supply chains. 
Works with new generation Business Intelligence technology tools to
produce powerful Dashboards, Reports and Scoreboards On-Site or On-the-cloud
Their main components are Spice CATALOG – Digital catalogs, Spice CONNECT –
Business to business and e-commerce, Spice TRADE –  Automate sales channels, including independents,
dealers and wholesalers and spice INSIGHT – a managed analytics service.  Spices Intelligent main goal is to help
consumers build solutions, as will as improve processes and bring new
capabilities that Spice costumers can use to attract new costumers too their business,
while other organizations will utilize Spices innovation services help lower
overhead costs. Most companies now a day wants what is known as a “Apple
experience” A very straight forward, sleek yet simple design for a compony,
which is very hard to pull off for businesses with very mundane processes, so
Spice realizes this and helps get an amazing experience out to there consumer,
staff and even extended suppliers. Financially Spice Technology Group is doing
great, they made the list for the Profit 500 with their five-year revenue
growth of 1195%, and ranked number 46 on the 2016 Startup 50, which ranks young
Canadian businesses on their % two-year revenue growth. Their head office is
based in Mississauga, Ontario, they have a Cloud Development Centre in
Burlington, Ontario and additional Development Centres are based in Texas and
India. Spice is able to reach their customers over the internet or at their
customers’ locations.

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Industry Analysis


Technology Group would be listed as Monopolistic Competition reasoning for
this, is when your looking in terms of there are plenty of services and
products like Spice, they all do the same thing but some like Spice do it much
better then other companies such as Enterprise IQ, Sage ERP X3 and Globial,
they simply do not compete at the level of Spice is with technology and
programing. There are plenty of technological external factors that can affect
a business that is dependent on technology, there is no way to patent the
development of it, so any competitors are able to develop the same kind of
software that Spice is using and make a very similar product, But there are
also pros to this, with technology growing and becoming more powerful and
reliable each day opportunities to expand their product line is very
foreseeable, One other thing that no other big management brand is doing is Spice
offers tailor made solutions, written specifically for their customers so
meaning if you want your program layed out to display something a certain way,
Spice Tech is able to do that for you. The economic outlook for Spice
Technology Group looks positive, reasons for this the demand for this service
and product are only rising with more small and larger businesses switching to
a more technological way to manage their compony this is only going to grow the
business. The only down side to the compony growing at an alarming rate as the
cost of wages increasing in Canada this is going to cost the compony a lot more
too hire people for the job, this could lead to out sourcing to save on the
rate of inflation, but by doing that it becomes a lot less reliable of a







Mission Statement


The main
goal for Spice Technology focus is to produce next-generation technology
solutions and services that help to organizations with complex supply chains. Other
big management programs take months too implement, Spice takes only days to
have your own personally designed state of the art software, Spice is able to
do this with the number of highly skilled programmers here in Canada, with
other companies having to out source for their IT department this is what causes
the delay, The proof that Spice is doing exactly what there mission is, over
2000 highly rated companies and organizations Spice technology has helped and mentored
with Petvalu quoting “”A disciplined Merchandise Planning process is a
vital component to our success. SPICE Group introduced a process that has
helped us instil structured budgeting, forecasting and assortment planning
processes. The innovative approach was simple, fast and affordable with little
disruption to our Buying team and to IT” -PetValu.












SWOT Analysis










Informed Analysis


Technology Group at this moment only has room to improve, I can say this
because with technology only advancing their programs and skills can only get
better with time, this could also lead to being a threat with other big companies
following in the foot steps Spice is using to make their programs, I do not think
this well be a problem because of the fact of how many originations that can
back on Spice offering a great service and product. Spice is also doing great
in sales from 2015 to now with more then 1000% revenue growth from 2015