Communication person is different. The concept seems Elementary

Communication Style: Processor
Shanice Y. Gilliard
Human Relation and Communications
American Military University

Every person is different. The concept seems Elementary in nature but in order to effectively communicate with others, the concept of communication should be understood. Different individuals consume and process information each in their own way. When trying to communicate concisely to a person it is important to respect their discipline and style of interpretation. Prior to taking the communication style self-assessment, I looked through the styles to try and guess in which category I would fall. 

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Through this assessment I have a more formal understand of my communication style. I am a Process type of communicator. Dwelling on the assessment I realize that me being an introvert type of person I can listen and analyze what is being presented to me in a quiet, yet strategic fashion. However, I have been told I am a bad listener because when an individual is trying to convey a message to me; while analyzing I can be mistaken as unemotional, aloof or inattentive. With this assessment, it explains that behavior as possibly over attentive. Also when someone is speaking I tend to interrupt the conversation when I make an observation in a statement and interject a question requiring sourcing to deem if the information is factual.
As a result of this assessment, I now know how I can receive the maximum amount of information a person or piece of knowledge my brain to trying to compartmentalize. I can do this putting the information in a systematic or logical function. Asking the giver to slow down so that I have the opportunity to organize the information. 
In conclusion, I am a “processing” stlye of communicator and this means that I validate information by requiring proof. When receiving new information, the most efficient way to be able to assimilate the information given is to allow my brain enough time to analyze the information. Furthermore, to shorten the time trying to analyze it’ clarifying questions such as a step by step or asking them to explain their disposition in a cause and effect manner which greatly accommodation my communication style.