Communication ‘goals’. In times of war, those


Good communication not only involves one’s ability to present ideas
clearly and to the point, it requires one’s listening skills to further refine
the ideas. For instance, working at IRAS in the frontline position,
communication is very important. Tax is a sensitive issue. Issues such as
overpaying of taxes do occur and we have to ensure that we can convey concisely
to the taxpayers that they will be resolved. Otherwise, it could lead to consequences
like being filed a complaint, reputation being affected and morale issues. This
event is applicable in various ways as having good relationships with customers
and management is crucial to boost one’s morale.

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However, I tend to speak in a long-winded
manner and overlook the behaviour of the other party. My solution is to
participate in match-making sessions or applying for a course at Toastmasters.

This provides me with the
opportunity to develop myself by improving the way I hold conversations and my
listening skills. The best indicator on how well I am doing can be shown on the
other party. Through their facial expressions and body language, the results
are almost immediate.


Having leadership skills is especially important in areas such as
management. For instance, in a military context, superiors would have be
required to command groups of individuals and boost their morale such that they
are able to operate in a systematic manner and achieve their ‘goals’. In times
of war, those individuals will be looking up to the superiors, awaiting their
orders. These superiors would need to have the ability to handle stress and
unexpected situations should they arise. If they are unable to do, the outcome
eventually will be disastrous. One will be affected mentally and physically.
This situation is very applicable in any organizations. The ability to manage
situations well will bring about trust and mutual respect between you and your
subordinates. This is crucial in achieving a healthy and friendly working

However, I have never been in a
leadership position before. This makes me act more of a follower, not a leader.
In times when there are obstacles arising from group projects, I have yet to
lead the group with confidence to resolve the issue efficiently. When there are
conflicts, being afraid to offend others, I am unable to cut through the arguments.

My solution to develop more
leadership skills in myself is to …


Creativity requires one to be open towards innovation and have a flexible
and imaginative mind. Creativity is more of a problem solving soft skill
which requires us to think outside of the box. One example whereby creativity
is application is cafes. Cafes are common destinations. People would visit
cafes depending on the quality of their food and drinks. However, there will be
many cafes that sell food and drinks of the same quality, so how do they retain
or attract new customers? Some of the ideas used includes having a picture of
you being printed on your coffee or picking up trends and incorporate into the
food or drinks sold like selling unicorn frappuccino. This is very applicable
in the business world. In order for a business to keep improving, it requires
regular fresh input achieved through creative thinking. With advances in
technology and increasing customer expectations and choices, businesses will
not survive in the industry for long if they do not innovate.

My solution would be going for a
baking course.

For any bakeries, to differentiate
from others and survive, pastry chefs have to regularly generate new pastries. Firstly,
they have to analyse trends to identify what is popular among consumers.
Afterwards, they will make use of those trends or create new inventions. Lastly,
it is important to visualize the design of the final product to attract the
attention of consumers.

Usually, I am unable to come up
with innovative ways to resolve issues that comes my way. I am the type that ‘stay
within the lines’, which led to me coming up with common ideas.

Through the course, I can be
trained to gather and understand the problems at hand before acting. In the
process, I can also learn how to integrate various perspectives with mine to
come up with an even better solution.