COLLEGE/UNIVERSITYName it. My high points could be

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITYName & Location:University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UKDates Attended:Sept 2009-2010 DecMajor:Business with Human ResourcesGrade:Commendation Why did you select this school?Among some of the recommended business schools in the UK. Also cheaper living costs of a student life.Generally, what were your college years like?It was fun, due to the diverse learning experience, meeting new people & from different nationalities. Assignments were fun, as it was often done in a team. Learning was always in a group. The learning experience was amazing.How would you describe your study habits during college?I am known to be someone whom studies late at night or early hours of the morning. When I am stressed with exams, I do snack a lot while studying. What were some important career influences?When I enrolled to this business school for my bachelor’s degree, which was in International Business Administration, I realized I love the subjects that involved in people management. I loved every lecture on studying organizational behaviors, how training effects productivity, and then I decided to complete my Masters in Business with Human Resources. The HR passion was established during my under-graduate years at Northumbria. Which pushed me to chase a career in Human/Talent Management upon completion of my Masters. What were the high and low points during your college years?The low points, were that it was hard being away from friends & family. Adapting to the new environment, limited Asian food. However, these low points were a great learning platform as I never knew how to cook, but had to pick up cooking to make Asian food. In terms of adapting to the new place, I learnt to make friends, learn a new way of life and adapt to it. My high points could be when I completed my Masters Degree and my Bachelor’s Degree successfully without any resits or repeats. Another significant high is, I was able to secure a job within 2 months of graduating. I had enjoyed a good 4 years of work experience in the UK What were your career aspirations at the end of college?My aspirations were to gain a good working experience which I could use my degree/masters knowledge in a great extent. My main aspirations were to be exposed in the HR field and gain the real insights of the HR functions which I learnt in my text books.  WORK HISTORY 1 – YOUR CURRENT OR MOST RECENT POSITIONEmployer:Name: I Synergy GroupLocation: The Vertical Business Suites, Bangsar South, Kuala lumpurYour Position Title:Assistant Human Resources ManagerDates:Start: March 2016 (month, year)End: present  (month, year)Type of Business:E Commerce / Online Shopping PlatformHow did you find this job? (advert/headhunter/etc)Job StreetJob Duties and ResponsibilitiesFull functions of HR (includes recruitment, induction day, preparation of LOA, payroll / claims processing, monitoring of performance, conducting engagement activities, managing employee grievances, maintaining the health and safe standards and managing the administrative tasks of the Group.Career Successes / Accomplishments:1) -Revamping the entire company handbook for employees, to ensure they meet the guidelines of the EA 1955. 2) Revision of the Appraisal Assessments Form completed, making it more open ended to accurately identify the employee performance & to gain accurate identification of weakness specified by Line Managers.3) Introduced Employee Counselling Sessions via Open door policy of HR4) Introduced Encouragement Fund for employees children whom perform well in school.5) Introduced the relevancy of holding Domestic Inquiries for any breach from an employees6) Further stressed the Employment Laws, and Industrial Laws to all key members of I Synergy7) Revamping of the Letter of Appointment Format8) Introduction of Secret Santa for year end Christmas Party9) Introduction of Annual Employee Awards10) Gained approval for higher employee benefits (Medical, Dental and Health Screening increased for Year 2017)11) Created and implemented the Domestic Travel Policy & Meal Allowance PolicyFailures / Errors:During my first 1 month at I Synergy, I messed up the payroll calculations. And with limited understanding of the payroll calculations I found it hard to manage, as I never did payroll before or used any of its system. The error I caused, impacted on an overpayment of over RM 36,000 however, we were able to reverse the transaction. 1st and last mistake ever made was told off big time, but that made me learn to be more meticulous and careful. What did you like most, and least, about this job?Most: It’s a good place of work, amazing people and extremely kind CEO. Ideas often heard, and views of lower level employees are always given an opportunity to be heard. My superior is very understanding and is someone I can go to most times. Given the flexibility to independently work and very minimal micro managing.Least: I have reached a point where there is minimal learning in this place. I would love to learn more in areas of Compensation & Benefits and be stronger in this area of HR function. What is the biggest impact you had at this organisation?I have managed to bridge the gap between the executive and managerial levels. Reason for leaving or desiring to change:I have reached a point where there is minimal learning in this place. I would love to learn more in areas of Compensation & Benefits and be stronger in this area of HR function.Secondly, the company is not doing too well in terms of its profits and it worries my future which is rather unstable with this circumstance. Name & Title of Your Supervisor:Leong, YD Subsidiary Chief Executive OfficerPermission to Contact? Yes  ?  No     Tel/Email:WORK HISTORY 2 – YOUR PREVIOUS POSITIONEmployer:Name: OCBC Bank (Malaysia)Location: Wisma Lee Rubber, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Kuala LumpurYour Position Title:Assistant RecruiterDates:Start: August 2014 (month, year)End: Feb 2016 (month, year)Type of Business:How did you find this job? (advert/headhunter/etc)job (Job portal)Job Duties and Responsibilities -sourcing for candidates-arrangement of interview sessions & telephone screening-conducting background checks-experienced in hiring (product managers, call centre floor manager, sales & marketing)-documenting reports for CTOS checksCareer Successes / Accomplishments:Capable of sourcing 10 quality cv’s per day. Target was 8 a day.Capable of closing vacancy within 32 days Experienced in hiring via LinkedIn for VP levelsFailures / Errors:Sometimes, the line managers requirements change, and the wrong skill set of candidate is sent and rejected for interview. What did you like most, and least, about your job?Most: Meeting new people, talking to candidates over the phone. Roles I hire for are different so I have a different experience with each individualLeast: When line managers, are not specific on why the candidate is rejected. Would find it hard to source the right fit, if I don’t know the specific reason for rejectionWhat is the biggest impact you had at this organisation?Achieved a high rate of position closing. Reason for LeavingWanted to explore other areas of human resource functionsName & Title of Your Supervisor:Priya Darshini, Senior Talent Acquisition SpecialistPermission to Contact?  ? Yes    ?  No     Tel/Email: 017-2799374WORK HISTORY 3 – YOUR PREVIOUS POSITIONEmployer:Name: J Synergy Consulting Location: Gateshed, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UKYour Position Title:Senior Recruitment ExecutiveDates of Employment:Start: May 2012 (day, month, year)End: May 2014 (day, month, year)Type of Business:Recruitment FirmHow did you find this job? (advert/headhunter/etc) (job portal)Job Duties and Responsibilities:-Sourcing of candidate CV-Designing job descriptions -Conducting telephone & face to face interviews-Completing compliance checks for documentation-Scheduling interviews with candidates & clientsCareer Successes / Accomplishments:-Extensively involved in guiding non skilled employees to secure a decent job-Experience in carrying out checks according to the British Financial Regulated Authority-Extensively involved in guiding non skilled employees to secure a decent job-Experience in carrying out checks according to the British Financial Regulated AuthorityAble to guide non skilled employees to secure a decent job via a placementFailures / Errors:Slightly less experience in sourcing at a fast pace. Minimal CV submission was 5 CV per day, and somewhat of the no sent will be rejected by clientWhat did you like most, and least, about your job?Most: Talking to different candidates, listening to your current career aspirations and motivating & guiding them to successfully complete the interviewsLeast: When there is high number of rejected candidates, with no solid reasonsWhat is the biggest impact you had at this organisation?To be able to contribute towards the clients expectation and needs. Also to follow all the appropriate guidelines to ensure the SOP is followed thruReason for Leaving:Decided to return to home country after some years of experience in UKName & Title of Your Supervisor:Kristine Veidemane, Senior ConsultantPermission to Contact?? Yes    ?  No     Tel/Email: +44754818387PLANS AND GOALS FOR THE FUTUREWhat are you looking for in your next job?More learningExperience in a different industryMeeting new people What are some other job possibilities, and how do you feel about each one?Going into training & development areas of HR could be a learning point to develop myself. Adding value to myself by enhancing myself with strong foundation of the Industrial Relation ActsWhat about 5 or 10 years down the road; where do you want to be, career-wise?5 years’ time, I hope to reach the level of a General Manager10 years’ time, I hope to open my own HR Consultancy firm What do you view as the possible advantages and disadvantages of joining us?Freedom and flexibility and the employee benefits. It also seems like a very fun place to work, and productivity is optimal at a positive work environment as Binary. If you joined us, when could you start?2 months’ notice, but can be negotiated  INTELLECTUAL CHARACTERISTICSWhat are a couple of the best and worst decisions you made in the past year?Best decision made, was to bring more fun and laughter into the office. Making it a place employees love to come to work (playing games, interaction)Worst decision made, we had to let go our Ops Manager whom was a very long term serving employee. He had a heart problem and couldn’t work any longer as his job caused him lots of stress. We had to make this decision due to his condition, and I tried to fight to the Management if we could maintain him but reduce his responsibilities, however the Management disagreed due to the health risks. What maxims do you live by, or is there a code or system you try to follow in life?Honesty is the best policy and of course Don’t worry and be happy.How creative are you? What is the best example of your creativity?Somewhat creative. 1) Came up with a goose hunt for an office activity2) Organized the I Synergy amazing race3) Convinced the management to host Secret SantaPERSONAL CHARACTERISTICSWhat motivates you?Learning and skill developmentHow many hours per week have you worked, on average, during the past year?55 hours at a maximum (depending on any urgency)Describe the pace at which you work – slow, moderate, or fast?Fast, as my job function is multitasking all HR functions. After you leave the office, do you still think about work and answer Email, or do you relax to ensure a good work/life balance? Please explain.I do both. I have my work emails logged on my phone, I usually read all of them. And if it is urgent I do respond from home. If its not too urgent then I would leave it till I return to office. In what specific ways have you changed your organization (in terms of direction, results, or policies)?Improved processesImproved benefits Created a fun work place by hosting weekly activitiesStrengthen the awareness of the Labor LawsHow would you describe your work habits?Unhealthy. I do often have irregular lunch times. Mostly due to urgent things. However after work, I hit the gym which the company pays for and I have a good time there. I try and keep a healthy lifestyle. How organized are you; what, if anything, do you feel you could do to be better organized?Very organized. Everything around me is kept neatly filled well and all records are maintained well so I find what I want easily. To improve, I would think the prioritization of tasks would be key. I do prioritize but I think I need to do betterDescribe a situation that didn’t go as well as you planned.  What would you have done differently?I was hiring for a Programmer level position, however the applicant which aced the interview was a foreign worker. I barely had any experience trying to sort the foreign employment pass details. I had to do research, and call up MDEC to find out application process & appeal to MDEC to give us a quota to hire. This took almost 6 weeks, I lost the candidate whom took another offer elsewhere.I would have speed up the processes, and probably looked out for an Agent whom knew how the process worked & proceeded with it in a fast wayHow much supervision do you want or need?Minimal, since I am very independent. What are the most important lessons you have learned in your career (please be specific)?1) to be considerate and compassionate to others2) giving a listening year to problems of colleagues3) despite how bad the situation is, to go to my supervisor for any advice or problem that is unresolved4) salaries to be credited on time, to help employees pay their bills as not all of them earn a high wage and have so much commitmentsHow do you handle yourself under stress and pressure?1) to assess what is the priority/urgency levels2) to take a walk & grab snacks 3) if stuck to seek for help and guidanceDescribe yourself in terms of emotional control; what sorts of things irritate you the most, or get you down?If someone is disappointed in me. Or if I was unable to deliver at the required standardHow many times have you “lost your cool” in the past couple of months?Personal reasons, many of times. Work wise, very minimal. The usual rant is there, but I’ve never lost my cool at the officeWhat sort of mood swings do you experience – how high are the highs, how low are the lows, and why?Minimal mood swings, because I do not over think anythingDescribe a situation in which you were angrier than you’ve been in years.When I had to return to Malaysia as the Immigration laws changed. But, upon returning it was a blessing in disguise, where I met my husband and we got married. I landed a good job as wellHow have you changed in recent years?1) become more matured and less stressed out2) taking everything in life like a pinch of saltWhat sorts of organizational changes have you found easiest and most difficult to accept?Easiest, was the change of leadership of the company. Difficult, is the overly structured hierarchy which impacts on decision makingWho was the best leader or manager in all of your previous jobs? What is it about his or her behavior that made you enjoy working together?My present supervisor. Working with him thought me to work at a very fast pace, he is kind and very generous to all my efforts put in. He rewards well via incentives and always gives recognition to my achievements. When I need someone to talk to, thou he is very busy he does make time to talk to me. We share good laughs most timesWho was the best co-worker in all of your previous jobs? What is it about his or her behavior that made you enjoy working together?The Marketing Manager, he is so organized and he is a very creative thinking person. Hence he landed the job as a marketing manager. He has taught me to think out of the box, create more innovative activities for staff, and a good colleague to work with. He never gets angry.What changes in your approach would you like to make in your next job?To be more contributive to organizational objectivesTo make myself seen To create innovative ideasWhat actions would you take in the first week, should you join our organization?Learning about the culture, assessment of the work ethics, coping and understanding of the nature of business. Making new friends. And of course understanding the job function.Describe a situation in which the pressure to compromise your integrity was the strongest.One instance, a senior level manager whom was a close friend to my superior wanted to know the salary of another employee. This is strictly forbidden to share such info. He kept saying he is close to the CEO, and even if I don’t tell him he would know thru the boss. I was worried about my situation but did not reveal any information, told him to ask my boss if he wants to know.INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHow would you rate yourself in terms of enthusiasm and charisma?7/10 for enthusiasm and charismaHow would you describe your level of assertiveness?High. I stand up for what’s right, but in a very appropriate manner. Describe a situation in which your negotiation skills proved effective.Proposal to revise the staff benefit was tough but the negotiation with the Management went wellDescribe the most difficult person you’ve ever worked with.My subordinate, an Admin Exec whom does not like last minute work, and often complaints about it. The company is dynamic by nature & often we do have last minute tasks to fulfill which I do need her assistance on.Describe a situation in which you felt others were wrong and you were right.When a long term serving Operations Manager was let go only because of a health condition. I did try and fight for him to stay, as he is the only breadwinner of his family, we could have reduced his responsibilities and kept him on our payroll. However for the Management it was a risk factor, which on a business point of view is reasonable.  How aware are you of political forces that could affect your work performance?  Give an example of the most difficult political situation in which you were involved.Very alert on this. 2 senior Managers weren’t too happy that my decision making in some areas were considered with the old HR Manager. The previous HR Manager was promoted to a GM, and therefore was giving me advice when I newly joined I Synergy. These 2 other senior Managers felt I did not know what I was doing as I was always seeking for help.They informed the CEO that, they feel I am not capable & unable to make good decision. CEO spoke to me, and I clarified the situation and things were fine. I did not confront them, but took them for lunch one day & explained why I used to ask the GM for ideas. They understood & the matter was amicably resolvedMISCELLANEOUSDescribe your ideal day at work.A busy day, and a day without resignationsWhat are the biggest risks you have taken in recent years?Among the risk that I have taken is coming to I Synergy as a AM and getting involved in the salary processing which on a monthly basis which amounts to over RM300,000.00 which a small typo can lead to over payment or underpaymentWhat skills have you acquired in the last several years?Payroll processing skillsExcellent sourcing skillsEmployee counselling skillsMultitasking skillsGood negotiation capabilitiesFor relocation candidates only What experience do you have (if any) with living and working abroad? What problems do you foresee?Over 4 years’ experience working in the UK. I have no trouble acclimatizing to new a new place. UK was an amazing experience and the work culture is really balanced. If I could adapt to Newcastle, then I will be able to adapt anywhere, and the only problem would be going into a non-English speaking nation which, I could learn via self study language books.For relocation candidates only How many dependents (spouse, children) would relocate with you?Just my spouse and if possible 3 dogs of mine. What business or technical books have you read that are relevant to your job?1) Malaysian Industrial Relation & Employment Law, by Maimunah Aminuddin2) Termination of Employment, 2E: Understanding the Process by Maimunah Aminuddin BINARY.COMIn as much detail as you can, explain how you believe’s business works.Binary is more of a trade company which is involved in currency, stocks, commodities and indices trades. There are many Apps that Binary has created to trade with via mobile & web. It is one simple platform which connects to the world’s financial markets. A transparent system, in terms where will assess the potential risks & rewards before a contract is purchased. What questions do you have about the company or the job you are applying for?1) What type of expats hired by Binary2) What type of Payroll System is used3) Whom are the vendors/suppliers4) Whom will I be reporting to, what personality is this person?MANAGEMENT(to be completed by candidates for managerial/team-lead roles only)How would you describe your management philosophy and style?Democratic style. I would like everything to be fair and given everyone the opportunity to give her fair comments. I believe I like working as a team and not a boss whom just instructs. This way it makes working together easier. Do you believe a manager should be hands-on or hands-off?A bit of both, too much manager interference could cause the subordinate to be less responsible. However too little manager intervention could lead to a wrong outcomeWhat would your subordinates say are your strengths and shortcomings as a manager?My strengths are my cheerful personalityShortcomings would be a better and confident decision maker. In what ways would you modify your approach in dealing with work associates?Being more confident with my ideas and suggestions. Try and propose ideas to my best of abilityPlease write a paragraph about two (2) of your direct reports in your most recent job, indicating their position titles, length of service, strengths, shortcomings, and overall work performance.I only have 1 direct report to me which is the Admin Executive. She has been with I Synergy far longer than me, over 4 years now. Her strengths are that she knows the company practices, and long term vendors, she keeps a good relationship with all our suppliers which makes negotiation easy for us, if we need a revision in costing. Her shortcomings, is that she has very little patience, this is something I am grooming her to improve, and give room for some unexpected circumstance to arise. She does not like last minute tasks, and feels it is too pressured if she is given something at the last minute. She does complete the task but with lots of complaints.Other than that, her overall work performance is up to par, just to work a little on her attitude. I requested for her increment last year, and also nominated her for the Most Improved Employee of the year 2016. This year, I will once again nominate for an increment as now we are in the mist of our 2017 performance appraisals.