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Clara Barton was a nurse, cook, and comforter for the soldiers, and she also relieved many people devastated by natural disasters.  Barton worked on and off the field as a nurse, set up distribution centers, located over 22,000 lost soldiers, and established American Red Cross. Clara Barton received her name as the “Angel of the Battlefield” for her work on and off the field as the Founder and president of The American Red Cross. Clarissa (clara) Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in Oxford Massachusetts to parents,  Stephen and Sarah Barton. Clara was the youngest of five children in the Barton household, she grew up as a very shy child.  At age 11, Clara’s first nursing experience consisted of when her brother fell from a barn rafter causing serious injury. Barton stayed home from school for two years to care for her brother. After the whole ordeal with her brother, She went on to be a teacher at the age of 18 at a school for workers children at her brothers mill. Clara Barton started her career at age 18 when she became a teacher at a very small school for workers children, and when she was 24 she moved to Bordentown, New Jersey to further more her teaching. In Bordentown she opened the first free public school in the state of New Jersey in 1852. First the school had a low enrollment rate, but by the end of the year the school had 200 students. Barton refused to punish children physically a common practice in the 19th-century schools. She then resigned from the school when she was informed that a male was hired and payed twice her salary. Clara Barton said ” She would never work for less than a man.” After resigning in 1854 she moved to Washington D.C. to work as a clerk in the US Patent Office. She was the first women to be appointed such a job. Clara Barton recieved $1,400 annually the same as her male coworkers. When the civil war of 1861 Clara quit her job to begin her relief efforts to Union soldiers