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Chinese culture while appreciated more today, was faced with many prejudices and tribulations when early immigration to America from China started in 1849-1876. During the start of the gold rush in California a surge of chinese immigrants descended to the U.S with a majority residing in California. Disgruntled white American men started accusing the chinese of stealing all their jobs and gold. Due to this prejudice many Chinese immigrants were targeted, law enforcement often turned a blind eye to the violence and injustice the chinese were facing and left them to fend for themselves. This led the chinese to form small communities which we know as Chinatowns around the bay area. Chinese immigration came to a halt during 1882 when the chinese exclusion act was passed in order to limit chinese immigration into the United States. The start of the Gold Rush of 1849On January 24th of 1848 a New Jersey carpenter by the name of James W.  Marshall found gold in the waters of the American River. While on the job of building a water sawmill for one of the Nueva Helvetia colony (now known as Sacramento) founders, John Sutter. Shocked by his discovery Marshall and Sutter promised to keep the discovery between themselves. They did not want others to hear about their fortune findings because they feared that more and more people will come and take their gold. As hard as they tried, the news of their findings spread like wildfire. According to, A newspaper  started to spread the news of Marshall’s finding by Mid-March and gold miners from San Francisco left their families and business to mind for gold and by August over four thousand San Franciscan male miners moved to Sacramento. After witnessing all the fortunes of the gold miners more and more people immigrated to California in hopes of getting rich off gold. There were people immigrating from Peru, China, Mexico, and all over America, they were known as the 49ers. As the number of miners rise, the quantity of gold found continued to rise. The amount of foreign immigrants coming to california multiplied by five times from the original 20,000. By the 1850s there was a large drop in the amount of Gold. Numbers taken from states that eighty one million dollars worth of gold was digged from the ground by 1852 which was the peak of the discovery. After that the quantity of gold only decreased. By 1857, the miners averaged out to $45 million gold digged from the ground. That is a 56 % decrease of gold in a span of only five years. Although the discovery of gold was decreasing, the amount of people moving into California continued to increase. The Chinese decided to immigrate to America in hopes of making enough fortune to provide for their families back home. They believed that the gold findings in California was a huge break for them because they had a hard to making a business last due to he poor economy in China. As the migration of the Chinese population increased the more upset American became.What did Americans do? The American people did not appreciate the rising amount of Chinese immigrants. explained that California passed a law to raise high monthly taxes that targeted foreign miners. By placing this law, the Chinese miners was forced to pay these high monthly taxes in order to mine gold. If they didn’t pay the taxes they were not allowed to mine in the goldmines. The Chinese not only had to pay higher taxes but were getting violently attacked in the gold mines by Americans. There was so little the Chinese immigrants could do. Although they were being mistreated, the law enforcement seemed to not care about them. Since the majority of the people working in the legal system were Americans. They decided to support their own people over the Chinese and other foreign immigrants. That is where the start of Chinatown began. The Chinese understood that they were not welcomed so they made small communities where it would be safe for them to own businesses, grocery shop, and live without being harassed. Although times has changed, the mistreatment of non white races in America continued to raise. However it would not be as severe as the 1800s it is still extremely unacceptable. Discrimination and racism in 21st century Despite the fact that times has changed, it is extremely shocking to see that there is still discrimination and racism in this world. Just like the gold rush days the racist acts continues. On December 11th, 2017 an Asian American male was harassed by a drunk White male on BART. It all started when the White male started calling the Asian male racial slurs. In the video attached in the CBS SFBayArea news article, it was clear that no one decided to step in and help deescalate the situation. The suspect in the video struck the victim in his face and that’s when the victim decided to stand his ground. Other riders then came to prevent a fight from beginning but why did it take so long? Why did the situation have to turn physical in order for the other BART rider to intervene? There was another male sitting next to the victim before this incident happened. The victim was minding his own business looking at his phone until he was singled out. When the incident began the man sitting next to the victim just got up from his seat and moved to a safe zone. As it is clear from the video, the suspect only chose to pick on the Asian victim. It is so appalling that there was a man sitting next to the Asian man was white and didn’t get harassed at all.  As an Asian American growing up in the Bay Area I never really felt like an outsider. Then I began to realize I was different was when I moved to San Leandro. When I came to San Leandro, I would see kids pick on the Asian kids that were smaller than everyone else. They would often say hurtful things and make fun of the way we speak saying stuff like ” Ching chong ching chong”.  A similar incident happened in 2006 that led Rosie O’Donnell into some serious backlash. wrote an article about the incident where Rosie O’Donnell was talking to “The View” about Danny DeVito’s drunken incident. On the talk show O’Donnell said “The fact is that it’s news all over the world. That you know, you can imagine in China it’s like: ‘Ching chong. Danny DeVito, ching chong, chong, chong, chong. Drunk. The View. Ching chong”. The day after O’Donnell said those words on The View it started a uproar all over the media. She was getting so much backlash she decided to issue an apology. O’Donnell stated that she was not trying to mock or offend anyone. She was just trying to be “funny” since she is a comedian and that her “Southern mother in law” accent could be seen as offensive to southerners. Incidents like this where racism and discrimination is present really shows how far America has come and how ignorant people are.Conclusion Although the Chinese came to America in hopes of discovering fortune and better opportunities, they were quickly exposed to mistreatment and discrimination. It all started with the Gold Rush, the American people did not appreciate the large amount of foreign miners (specifically the Chinese) so they decided to harass them as much as they can by raising taxes to violent attacks. Though time has changed, incident of harassment continues until present day. From cases of celebrities saying racist comments to violent attacks in public places, it seems as if people do not think much of standing up for the Asian community. Compared to today’s society, the harassment is not as severe as the 1800s but there are still cases of harassment lingering about. When will the racial discrimination end?