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Chapter 13: In chapter 13 everyone is sitting at the drawing table. Then, the are telling each other the types of creatures they all are sarcastically. Armstrong says out that they should not just sit there but try to light a fire as a symbol that they need help or rescued. Blore reminds him about the weather that a fire can not be made. Then, their agreement is to leave the room one at a time. They agreed to this so nobody is killed, if the person that left is killed and everyone is there the killer is nobody out of them. They followed that rule.  It is five and Vera wants a cup of tea. Wargrave decides that everyone should go so nothing will happen. When Wargrave turned the switch the light did not work. The reason it did not work was because Rodgers was not there to turn on the electricity in the morning. Since the lights dont work Lombard get candles to put around the room. After tea, Vera does not want to stay in the room any longer. She left the room to shower. As she walked in she smelled the sea and she was reminded when Cyril drowned. Vera screams! All the men in the drawing room rush upstairs. Once they arrived Vera collapsed. They instantly tried reviving her. When she wakes she sees seaweed on the sealing. Lombard tries giving her a drink. Vera refuses. Lombard insists then he opens a whole new bottle just to show that there was no poison. Then Lombard laughs because a murder fails. Then they run downstairs and see Wargrave i the drawing room. He was wrapped in a bath curtain. Then, Lombard remembers the rhyme “Five little Indian boys going in for law; One got in Chancery then there were four.” Chapter 14: They bring Wargrave’s body upstairs. Lombard thinks it is a good time to eat. Lombard curses the fact that the killer had placed the seaweed on the ceiling as a set up. They all have an idea of the killers identity. They decide not to say anything out loud. Vera goes to her room to sleep. The others go to rooms with the same idea.  As Vera is laying down, she thinks everything will go as planned. Then, she remembers Cydril asking to swim to that rock. Vera has a sneaky plan. She goes to distract her mother while she swam to the rock. If things go wrong she is going to tell her mom that she never gave him permission. Vera started to  wonder what Hugo felt like. She opened her eyes after dreaming for a while then sees a big hook on the ceiling. Wargrave thinks they are all careful by now. The candle in his room goes out. Soon after he starts to see faces in the dark. One of the faces was Landor. Blore on the other side hears movement outside his door. He goes to the door to listen better. He thinks someone is walking down the halway. He takes matches for a light and carries a lamp to protect himself! He goes outside and nobody was there. He goes to all the rooms and the only one that didn’t answer was Armstrong. He had left the house. Lombard shows the Blore the revolver he found. A doll had been smashed.Chapter 15: In chapter 15 it is morning. They all come to see that the storm had finally passed. The three guests that did not get killed are eating breakfast outside since the storm was gone. As they ate they were trying to find a way to escape from that island. Blore ends up telling them that Lombard never put the revolver back so he still has it. Lombard said that he just found it. It was hard to believe just to randomly find a revolver unless the killer is trying to frame him.  Later on they stand on a cliff flashing a S.O.S symbol that they need help. No Blore wants to go eat. Vera does not want to. Lombard wanted to stay with her so nothing will happen. Then Blore asked for the revolver so he wouldn’t kill her if he was the murderer. Lombard refused to give up the revolver then Blore told Vera he is assured Lombard will not kill you. But would he? Blore started accusing Lombard from his last story. Blore said it did not cover up so he was a murderer. Vera asked Lombard if he felt like they were being watched. Vera told him a story about Court. Then, a very loud crash happened from far! Vera and blore run to find out if a murder was occuring. They find Blore dead crushed by Vera’s marble rock. Then, Lombard wants to go look for Armstrong in the house. Vera disagrees then reminded him of the last time. Then Vera was going to go then Lombard reminds her of the revolver. Then, they discover a disclothed dead man on the beach.Chapter 16: In chapter 16 Vera and Lombard look at Armstrongs dead body. They found him dead on the beach. Vera wanted Lombard to move Armstrong out of the sea, Lombard says no but hen helps! Vera pulls on Armstrong’s body body with Lombard!. Then, he notices the revolver is gone. It was just in his pocket. Lombard turns around and Vera had the revolver. Lombard tried to jump on her to get the revolver back but 1 second later she pulled the trigger and his body dropped.Lombard got shot right through the heart. Vera sits without anymore stress. Now it is starting to get dark. Vera is tired and hungry so she heads back to the house by herself. As she goes in she wants to sleep. But instead, she goes to the dining room and see that there are 3 figures left! She grabs 2 and throws them out the window. She took the last one with her thinking she is the only one left on the island.Vera head upstairs. She has a strange feeling Hugo is with her. She dropped the figure but did not notice. Vera suddenly notices the noose with the hook in the room. Then, she remembers the verse in the poem “He went and hanged himself and then there were none.” It was they easiest murder. So she climbs the chair put the noose around her neck dropped and moved the chair under her. Epilogue: Sir thomas and Maine sit in the main office in the Scotland yard discussing such an extreme case. All ten people on the island were dead? Nothing that the doctor gave them helped. They were out of luck with the doctors report. Wargrave and Lombard died from gunshots. Miss Brent and Anthony Marston died from poisoning. Mrs Rogers died of an overdose of sleep medication. Blore, Rodgers, and Macarthur all died with a injury in the head. Armstrong drowned and Vera hung herself.The police found Morris dead of and OD. They talk about how the Ferry captain found dead bodys. He found them because he heard about S.O.S signals were flashing. The captain was sure no one could leave the island since it is over a mile from the shore. Maine investigated accusations that everyone was involved in murder even know it might not have been criminal. They think U.N Owen worked with cases the law could not get involved with.Manuscript:The narrator starts to talk about all the confessions of the murders. He said he was always interested in murders and their punishments. He said he enjoyed watching the victim squirming in pain. He tells that this was the case of Edward Seaton. He said he knew that Seaton was guilty. The jury made the case persuaded. The killer says he simply laid out the facts for the police. He said he felt a change in him. He wanted to commit a murder himself. But he wanted to murder in a dramatic way! He remembered a saying Ten Little Indian Boys from is childhood. That saying is what got him to start his work. So he collected victims. Then listened to their stories and expanded that. A person he remembered was Vera Claythorne. The letter was signed Lawrence Wargrave.