CHAPTER games incorporating 4 worldwide appearances in



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sports or E-sports is utilized for professional focused computer gaming. It
remains at the crossing point of gaming and sports and is particularly
condemned for not being a real game as it doesn’t include any physical
contribution. Despite the fact that on May 2015, it officially began as a word
in the dictionary. The prerequisite for a legitimate space is basic for eSports
as it makes its own particular environment relying upon the amusement that is
being played. Besides, the non-appearance of a legitimate field in Pakistan can
fill in as a factor for the advancement of eSports in our nation. There are
tournaments and leagues of various amusements and the last adjusts are led in a
field before an extensive group. The recreations vary from each other in their
arrangements like First individual shooter (FPS) which is normally played in a
5 versus 5 fight that incorporates amusements like Counterstrike Global
Offensive, Call of duty and so on or it can be Real Time Strategy or
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which can be played in a 5 versus 5 and also 1
versus 1 mode that incorporates League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, Star
craft, Hearthstone and so on. Furthermore, eSports is generally acknowledged to
be just at its initiation, and it is relied upon to pick up significantly
greater notoriety over the long haul.


Pakistan had
a persevering history of electronic games incorporating 4 worldwide appearances
in World Cyber Games (WCG) and 1 in Electronic Sports World Championship (ESWC)
from 2000 till 2010 when almost 90% of the gamers in Pakistan quit playing when
the groups met all requirements for the world cyber games was denied their
visas because of absence of help and supporters. In spite of the fact that in
the previous couple of months Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL)
has framed Pakistan gaming league (PGL) and is advancing aggressive gaming with
25 games that can be played on the web yet the 8 issues still persevere as no
appropriate predefined space is available through which these occasions are
directed and no significant occasion is composed. In spite of the fact that the
group still appreciates playing competitively on the web and trusts in a few
occasions through which they can be perceived the world over as the measure of ability
in our nation is sufficient to rival the experts that are contending in the
present level scene.


The prime
focus of this research and expected thesis is to create an analysis upon how
architecture can be used as a medium to upgrade and create better spaces for
gamers. Since every issue is a global issue, and it’s easy to ignore a certain
problem saying, it cannot be solved by means of architecture, that is not
really justified. As a problem can never be solved in isolation. The focus of
this thesis therefore is to undergo measures and a calculated research that;
Why are there limited hubs for gamers? And why is there a decline in attention
towards the needs of gamers? Secondly; What are the possible areas where
architecture can help them, and how?


The purpose
for choosing this topic is to understand and aware, by creating a hypothesis as
to why and how gaming as a hobby has advantages for a person’s personality.
Being a gamer myself, I believe that gaming is an art, which needs time and
dedication like any other craft in the world, to excel in it. Hence its respect
and an awareness towards it is important, to create encouragement for newer

The thesis
will set an approach that may lead to a better understanding towards a gamer as
a person, and his needs for his craft. Like every other profession, gaming is
subjectively significant, and its ignorance cannot be beneficiary to the
development of the country, where many youngsters can be potential for the

A possible
outcome after this research, will be how architecture as a tool can be merged
with gaming, creating a shell of concrete and technology, and perhaps make some
sort of betterment for a gamers life. One thing which can be found similar
between the two juxtapositions over here, is that both of these are always in a
state of constant progressions. So why can’t architecture emerge with
technology, and maybe create a playful language which can be comfortable for
gamers involved. After all, that is the aim of architecture as a whole.

1.3: SCOPE:

The scope
for this thesis at the present time is gigantic as technology is the need of
the time, and we find a recline towards gamers.  Despite the fact that there are certain
impediments because of the involvement of innovation which can be countered
basically effortlessly by the involvement of sponsors as it was done in the
time when Pakistan took an interest in WCG and ESWC as Samsung gave their
support as far as equipment and peripherals. In spite of the fact that with the
headways in innovation, the future prospect must be mulled over as far as
dealing with innovation that will turn out of date.


for the evaluation of feasibility will include several means of data
collection. They include qualitative as well as quantitative surveys through
questionnaires and interviews conducted with the youth that is currently
involved in the gaming scenario as well as the organizations that are
contributing to the gaming scene at the moment namely PTCL. Furthermore, online
polls with the players who play online on daily basis on social platforms as
well as gaming platforms. Present gaming zones will be taken under as case
studies as well as the spaces that were used for the previous events that took
place from 2005-2008 in order to gather the understanding on how the event was
organized with the available resources at that time and how it can be organized
in a much more efficient manner with the available resources of the present


results out of this research other than the building type, site and a pledged
thesis, is an understanding towards a gamer as a whole. A possible campaigning
and creating better challenges, upgrading this industry, which can later be
included in the sports industry as well. Though it would be unfair to say that
Pakistan doesn’t have focus towards its gamers, it will be also unjust to say
that the attention given is enough. Hence the thesis would lead to an awareness
towards the potential of this industry.