Chapter a provider’s behaviour during the service encounter;

Chapter I

The Problem and Its Setting

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Background of the study

            A customer satisfaction index is a snapshot at a point in time. People’s views change continuously and the performance of companies in delivering customer satisfaction is also changing. Service satisfaction is a function of consumers’ experience and reactions to a provider’s behaviour during the service encounter; it is a function of the service setting. It has been the business priority in all country to serve the customers to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. Quality, especially nowadays, come in handy with business. It brings the better performance of the business that may let the business survive for a long time. Globally, some business can’t satisfy the customers and it had become the biggest problem of most food businesses.

            In the Philippines, the most businesses had become the value of achieving the satisfied rate they need. Most reviews in the services in the country ended up with customers being satisfied. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, customer satisfaction is also a challenge for Filipino business owners.  Regardless of these challenges, Philippines is still aiming to satisfy their customer.

            In Samal Island, specifically in University of Mindanao Peñaplata College, most students want to be satisfied by the services offered of the canteen. In this study, we investigated if students really are satisfied with the services offered by the school canteen. However, in the research, it was deemed appropriate to consult the views of only the students since they are the key subject of universities.


Statement of the Problem

            The study aims to determine the customer satisfaction by the services offered of the school canteen.

            Specifically, it sought the answers to the following questions:

1.    What is the level of customer satisfaction?

2.    What is the level of services offered by the UMPC canteen?

3.    What is the significant relationship between the level of customer satisfaction and the level of the services offered of the UMPC canteen?


i. Null Hypothesis

There is no significant relationship between customer satisfaction and the services offered by the UMPC canteen.

i. Alternative Hypothesis

There is a significant relationship between customer satisfaction and the services offered by the UMPC Canteen.


Conceptual/Theoretical Framework


In this model, it is presumed role for customer satisfaction to be the independent variable and the product, the staff, and service and the price as the factors who are dependent on customer satisfaction.




























Review Related Literature

            In 2009, Dayang Nailul Munna Abang Abdullah claimed that Administration personal satisfaction is impacted toward expectation, methodology nature. Furthermore yield value; at the end of the day the norms from claiming administration is. Characterized Toward clients who have encountered that administration Furthermore. Utilized their knowledge What’s more sentiments to structure a judgment.

In place with attain a personal satisfaction administration organization. Dedication from representatives What’s more help starting with every last bit levels about. Administration may be necessary. Therefore, it is paramount to. Directors who give products or benefits always will stay with. Track for majority of the data regarding those company’s great continuously likewise much Likewise. Gathering its customers’ needs would worried. Administration. Organizations need aid attempting on discover routes on move forward Also give acceptable. Unrivalled nature administration on fulfil their clients. He also. Specified that fulfilling clients is an intimacy objective for. Each company, similarly as clients need aid those best resources, both. Fleeting Also in length term survival of the agency.

Xuan Lan Pham and Minh Tien Pham, in their 2015 case it was stated that For those progressively compelling rivalry “around the colleges in the higher. Instruction Industry, Europe, hypothetical orders had more distinction than difficult work, and speculative chemistry was Figure it a greater amount was troublesome to pull in understudies under their. Programmes, let holding them for their courses from claiming investigations with the schools. Will. Date, customers, clinched alongside general, Furthermore students, done specific, need higher interest to items &. Administrations nature standard, which obliges the college administration groups will addition All the more indepth. Comprehension of the students’ necessities. Such understanding will immediate the colleges done. Contriving those methodologies should enhance scholar fulfillment Level, thereby moving forward the attracting. And holding rate of scholars.

Asia Pacific journal of Academic research in Business Administration written by Anna Margarita M. Agulo, ET. Al. was stated that Starting with the beginning of setting dependent upon this division Store, their primary objective may be unchangeable: ‘to provide for clients the best nature administrations they bring. ? What’s more from that, it may be undeniable that they provide for the best nature administration Eventually Tom’s perusing the accomplishment they picked up Furthermore needed the chance on set dependent upon All the more limbs in distinctive puts everywhere the country, in for Batangas city. However, clients concerning illustration is known need separate tastes As far as purchasing that item also constantly fulfilled from what they purchased. Measuring client fulfilment may be a convoluted procedure. It isn’t simply giving a client compelling reason Yet providing for them a remarkable administration through an Exceptionally persuaded and great prepared team, beneficial nature product, surroundings – inviting offices Furthermore a master administration supplier that will treat them Likewise ?guest not only a ?customer. This retail establishment is known should a chance to be a store that offers the best quality, from their products, their people, and the benefits they need. Continuously a standout amongst the highest point retail store in the country, it will be an unimportant reality that the store proceeds on develop greater Furthermore greater to gatherings give everybody and fantastic calibre of shopping background.


 Satisfaction drives the motivation to continuously improve the process of delivering services to customers and provide the culture of excellence towards the achievement of its vision and mission.(J.M. Lagudor) Clients are a standout amongst the majority esteemed benefits of a Cor What’s more essential foundation to associations On Exceedingly aggressive Furthermore quickly evolving business circumstances (Bencito, 2014). Evaluation for client fulfilment serves similarly as a solid foundation to future incomes and activity arrangements on move forward nature administration (Mendoza, 2014). Those level about client fulfilment concerning illustration to benefits of the business nature’s domain is, no doubt influenced toward transforming transaction and safety Also security (Devicais, 2014). Over administering reasonable aggressive point (Mojares, 2014), associations must a chance to be proactive in the flow from claiming social conversion same time fulfilling both needs about its representatives Furthermore learners.

American International Journal of Contemporary Research had the same research that concerns customer satisfaction but with it connected to quality. Know organizations ought to further bolstering join criticalness of the nature wonder in place on survive inside the aggressive. Showcase structure. What is more, past this essential level about essentialness connected of the nature concept, it need. Ended up essential will concentrate on this issue precisely. Those method of reasoning behind this contention camwood make communicated as the way. That organizations might increment their customers’ fulfilment through nature hones that might make them separate. Starting with different contending businesses; those inspiration to setting accentuation ahead personal satisfaction is a reflection of the clue that it. Is conceivable with attain upgrades in this route. Quality, particularly nowadays, past the approach that. Organizations Might accomplish finer execution though they execute nature practices, need get a quality that makes it. Unthinkable for those benefits of the business to survive Furthermore hence proceed its presence in not actualized. In different words. Past circumstances choices concerning quality, it need ended up a need to organizations to implant nature. Under their benefits of the business forms.

Nick Hauge and Paul Hauge agreed to the idea that Delighting clients Furthermore accomplishing secondary client fulfilment scores in this nature’s domain may be at any point a greater amount was troublesome. Furthermore actually though your clients are totally fulfilled by your item or service, critical chunks of them Might clear out you also start finishing benefits of the business with your rivalry.

There will be broad conviction that organizations ought to seek after prevalence on both client fulfilment Furthermore gainfulness. However, there is reason to trust these two objectives would not continuously perfect. Whether an firm enhances profit by “downsizing,” it might accomplish an build to gainfulness in the short-term, However future productivity might make debilitated In client fulfilment will be Exceptionally reliant on those endeavours from claiming faculty. Provided that this there are possibility trade-offs between client fulfilment Also profit to commercial enterprises Likewise different Similarly as airlines, banking, education, hotels, What’s more restaurants. Directors clinched alongside these sorts for administration industries, and also merchandise commercial enterprises in which the administration part will be increasing, have should get it if alternately not this is the case. For example, on endeavours on enhance gainfulness might really hurt client satisfaction—and vice-versa—the downsizing from claiming what’s to come for U. S. Furthermore European organizations ought to further bolstering to be seen for worry. It takes after that Creating An exceptional seeing about how client fulfilment Also gainfulness identify with each other may be from claiming significant and developing importance, particularly Previously, light from claiming anticipated proceeded development for administrations All around those planet economy.(Eugene w. Anderson, Claens Fornell and Roland T. Rust)

Significance of the study

            Gathering of this data will lead to better understanding of the influencing level of attributes on customer satisfaction. The result of this study will be useful to the future researchers, the business owners, and school canteen.

Definition of Terms

            The level of customer satisfaction may be influenced by various attributes from internal and external factors. Customer satisfaction may be identified as internal and external customer satisfaction of an organization. Customer satisfaction is the customers’ opinion or reaction from the factors the business are offering.










Chapter II


            Presented in this part are the method and procedure followed in the conduct of the study. It includes research design, research subject, research procedure, research instrument, collection and analysis of data and statistical treatment of data.

Research Design

 The research uses the quantitative approach in the study where the construction process largely takes in the understanding and interpretation of individuals. This study will make use of descriptive correlation design.

            Descriptive Survey. This approach is appropriate wherever the object of the class varies among themselves and one is interested in knowing the extent to which different conditions obtain among this (Good and Scates, 1972). The word survey signifies data gathering present condition.

 In the descriptive survey, it is necessary to determine the psychological and social aspects of research by way of application or implementation of evidence to recognize between facts and influence. The data from descriptive surveys can be used as the basis for influences that may aid the solving practical problems is of value to the researcher rather than that principles and laws applied in conducting an experiment in the laboratory.’

Research Subject

 This study is conducted at the University of Peñaplata College. The participants of this study were 43 students of Grade 12 section 2 on UMPC.

Research Instrument

            The researchers are going to use survey questionnaires to be given to the respondents

Dear Customer:

As the researcher for this school canteen, I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear your feedback of the services offered by the school canteen. Please help the school canteen better by taking a couple of minutes to tell us about the service that you have received so far. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations.


Grade 12 Researchers

Kindly shade the circle that will correspond to your responding answer.
Gender: F ___ M__

Please rate the quality of service you received:

o   Very Poor

o   Somewhat Unsatisfactory

o   About Average

o   Very Satisfactory

o   Superior


The customer service representative was courteous.

o   Strongly Disagree

o   Somewhat Disagree

o   Neutral

o   Somewhat Agree

o   Strongly Agree


Which of the following qualities of the service representative stood out (as being superior)?

o   Patient

o   Enthusiastic

o   Attentive

o   Friendly

o   Responsive


What qualities of the customer service representative that you did not like?

o   Not Patient

o   Not Enthusiastic

o   Not Attentive

o   Unfriendly

o   Unresponsive

o   No Qualities I did not like


What would best describe your experience with the customer service representative?

o   Kept me waiting on hold

o   Had to Explain several times

o   Didn’t know how to handle problem

o   Had to ask other Employees

o   Did not speak clearly


Data Gathering Procedure

1.) Asking permission. The researchers wrote a letter asking permission to the school teacher and school principal.

2.) Distribution of Questionnaire. The researchers personally did the distribution of the questionnaire to the respondents.

3.) Retrieval of Questionnaire. Questionnaires were retrieved after having been accomplished by the respondents.

4.) Collation of Questionnaires. The responses to the questionnaire were tallied, collated and recorded accordingly. Results were analyzed, interpreted and statistical computed to answer the questions in this study.

Statistical Treatment of Data

            Pearson “Product Moment” Coefficient of Correlation. This was used to determine the existing significant relationship between the parental support and student’s academic achievement.