Catapult of allocating the available resources into action

Communications Ltd. (Catapult) was founded in 2003 as a provider of domestic
broadband Internet services, which is rapidly growing and based in Auckland.

The company successfully managed to dominate market share from its competitors
over the last half-decade, however, it was a temporary achievement as Catapult
has significant challenges result from dealing it is strategic management
process and human resource management such as strong competitors and also
maintaining a quality workforce respectively.

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            Strategic management is a
fundamental aspect of the sustainability of any company as it provides an
understanding of their core capabilities and weaknesses of the company as well
as the opportunities and threats emerging in the environment. The framework of
the strategic management process is divided into two categories, which are
strategies formulation and strategy implementation. Strategy formulation is
about how the company creates and decides the best way of action to accomplish
the company’s objectives whereas strategy implementation is the process of
allocating the available resources into action to accomplish the desired
results (Wicks, n.d).  


            Human resource management process
such as attracting, recruiting and maintaining a quality workforce is a vital
component in managing the employees and the workplace in diverse cultures and
environment. The Catapult currently has a well staffed with capable and
dedicated employees to fully achieve the company’s strategies, however,
maintaining a skilled labor is the main problem of Catapult in relations to
issues incentive scheme and the productivity of employees. This essay will
briefly suggest some theories and frameworks to problems, which associated with
particular issues regarding the strategic and human resource management at