Cashbook expenses, employee timesheets, list of contacts, and

Cashbook Complete Accounting can help manage your company’s finances. It can handle most any bookkeeping task. It will manage incoming and outgoing expenses, employee timesheets, list of contacts, and invoices for projects and jobs. You can also use it to run and print invoices, balance sheets, and profit and loss reports, and e-mail them to your customers or export them to financial-planning software. It will manage your company’s bank accounts and even import data from your bank. There’s a built-in backup utility, too.

Cashbook Complete Accounting is a good accounting solution for small- to medium-size companies. The interface is easy to navigate and user friendly. Those who have used accounting software such as Quick Books and Quicken will have no problems using Cashbook Complete Accounting. For users new to accounting software, the Help file contains all the information you need to get up and running quickly. You can also run a setup wizard that will walk you through the process of getting started. For more help, the program’s complete instruction manual is available by clicking the Miscellaneous tab.

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This is a 90-day trial version of the software. When you install it, Cashbook Complete Accounting adds an icon to the desktop without asking, but it uninstalls completely with no problems, should you opt not to keep using it. Cashbook Complete Accounting is a good, affordable bookkeeping solution for small business owners.

Acclaim Software, which was founded in 1995, is a software development firm based in New Zealand. Their software is sold in over twenty countries around the world. They have two divisions, imaging software and accounting software.

Their imaging division has developed Focus Magic which was the first commercially available product to re-focus blurred images with a reversing formula. Focus Magic continues to be the worlds leading product in this field. The vision for Focus Magic is to broaden it into a suite of image restoration filters which are both easy to use, and very effective in repairing photos with defects.

The accounting software division has developed and sells Cashbook Complete primarily to the New Zealand small business market. Cashbook Complete is also the leader for its chosen market (keep-it-simple accounting).