But but is found to be rude by

But what about me?
Incivility is very common these days and can be described as someone who is
inconsiderate of others. An example would be lack of manners in a public
setting and misbehavior in adults. It is quite common and applies to everyone, whether
they’ve experienced it or have done something uncivil themselves. Here I will
explain some common situations such as incivility on the roads, in foreign
people, and in stores.

behavior is commonly found on the roads. It can be something as simple as not
pulling over for an emergency vehicle, Bad parking in a form of taking up more
than one space, and road rage. Many drivers do not know that as part of the law,
it is a must to pull over to the side of the road and stop for emergency
vehicles. This becomes problematic when drivers don’t think it is mandatory and
slow down an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance from getting to their
destination in time. Road rage is commonly seen as cutting off other drivers. Foreign
drivers are a prime example. In other countries, driving rules and knowledge
are much different. However, adjusting to Americas driving can be proven
difficult. Through the eyes of an American, or someone who has experience on American
roads may see it as plain out bad driving.  

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            An example of foreign incivility would be something that
may be okay where a foreign person is from, but is considered rude here in
America. It is also common that foreigners let their kids run wild in stores
but is found to be rude by Americans. Haggling for example, is common in many
countries, but does not work in America and is frustrating to the cashiers and
people waiting in line. A good place to find such behavior would be in a farmer’s
market. Here will be a diverse crowd many with different behavior that may be uncivil.

            Incivility in stores can be when someone is in the way
while shopping and being inconsiderate of people around them or even a cashier
in a bad mood. It is expected that a cashier would be polite and friendly. Most
would relate to a situation in which they were trying to look for something in
a store and someone would jump in the way. Another way would be when a cashier
is giving a customer attitude or is not friendly. A personal situation of mine
took place a few days ago, I asked to see a product that was kept behind a
counter, in which it was tossed over onto the counter at me, creating a mess. Some
may not see anything wrong with this, or see it as someone just having a
dreadful day, but I saw it as rude considering the cashier made it obvious that
they were not happy to be there.

            Simply put, incivility is still common today and will
continue for years to come. These are only a few examples of where incivility
is found, but it can take on many forms. It happens to everyone, and many do it
without realizing it. Many people would agree that it is quite frustrating and