But I took few more steps away from

But wasn’t she dead? How did she come back? I had seen her dead body hanging on the wall. Wait, what if she is a spirit and ran away from the spirit word like Flower?”Oh yeah, surprise! Surprise!” she laughed menacingly.”B-But weren’t you dead or something?” I said, taking a step away from her. The smile on her face was spine-chilling. Some soldiers told me to stay away from her. The looks on their faces clearly showed that they were frightened of Kayla.”I was never dead, but now I am not alive either,” she said. I gave her a perplexed look.Before I could say something, she started shivering and screaming. I took few more steps away from her. What is happening? Is she a zombie or something?”Oh, hello, Miss Grace. Very happy to meet you. I wish I could meet you right now but unfortunately I had to use my slave’s body as a vessel to communicate you,” Kayla said, in a man’s voice which was very deep.What the heck!? “I’m Lord Darkness, very, very, very, pleased to meet you… NOT,” my heart started pounding, Kayla was glaring at me. Has she gone crazy or Lord Darkness is really in control of her body? Words couldn’t come out of my mouth. I was so terrified. “Your end is very near, girl. And for your kind information, I am your end.”Kayla once again started to shiver.”Ahh, I am so glad that my lord used me to talk to you,” Kayla said, in her own voice.She inched towards me and I took more steps away from her. My back touched the wall. Oh my gosh! What will this crazy girl do?I looked towards the soldiers for help but there was no soldier around. Cowards! I guess they ran away.Kayla slapped me very hard. Tears swanned my face, it hurt too much.”Have a bad day,” Kayla said and disappeared. With my hand on my cheek, I looked around; Kayla was nowhere. My eyes met Andrew’s eyes. He was standing on the other end of the corridor. He quickly ran towards meHe took a look at my cheek where Kayla had slapped me. I am sure there would be a bruise on my face.”Who did this?” he said, with fury in his eyes.”Kayla…””That b*tch! I will kill her.” He started caressing my cheeks.”Andrew, wasn’t she dead? How did she come back!? Freaking Lord Darkness used her to talk to me!!! I don’t know whats happening,” I harshly passed my hand through my hair.”Why the hell did you never tell me that she wasn’t dead!? Gosh, why do you all keep things from me,” I said, giving Andrew a glare.”I didn’t want to freak you out,” he reasoned.”Oh, well, now I am freaked out. Care to give some explanation?” I folded my hands.”I think first we should apply some ointment on your cheek and then talk,” he said.”No, tell me now,” I said. My cheek hurt very badly as if someone stabbed thousands of needles in it but I still wanted an explanation now. I can handle pain.”But—” “No, tell me now,” I interrupted him”Okay, okay,” he sighed.”So that day, Kayla sold her soul to Lord Darkness. I don’t know how she did that as Lord Darkness wasn’t back yet. She is a Wincarian and she flowed her blood and staged her death. Her doing that triggered something very bad.””And what was the bad thing?” I asked.”The return of Lord Darkness. Oh and Kayla is now a soulless one, trapped between life and death,” Andrew said, looking in my eyes.”Soulless one?””Yeah, soulless one. She doesn’t have a soul anymore. Now her soul is the property of Lord Darkness.””Thomas did tell me something about Kayla not being murdered and it wasn’t suicide either… I just remembered it now,” I said.”He is very wise,” Andrew said.”And evil too,” I included.Andrew frowned at me.”He isn’t evil,” he said.”He is.””Why do you think that he is evil, Grace?””I just know,” I said.”Okay… let’s not talk about him. We first need to heal your cheek.””Yeah, but why were all these soldiers running here and there? What’s happening in the castle, Andrew?””People have panicked because of the red sky. Bad time has started…” Andrew said, looking towards the sky. My eyes widened looking at the sky, there was humungous snake flying towards the castle.WHAT THE HECK?!There was someone sitting on the snake, who was laughing like a maniac.”I’m tired of pretending that I am not evil,” that person screamed and removed their hood. Blood drained from my face; it was Elizabeth.