Bullying screen, all having major effects on the

Bullying has been a part of our society for as long as time. Taking many different forms, from in-person to behind a screen, all having major effects on the victim and the bully themselves. Physical, verbal and cyberbullying cause physical and mental issues for the bully and the bullied. Physical bullying is a form of aggression shown by stealing, shoving, hitting, fighting, destroying of property and physical bullying can also take form in sexual assault. This form of bullying is the rarest form of bullying a person will ever face. Though physical bullying is rare, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, physical bullying mostly occurs in males, but it can be done by women. Physical bullying occurs only if the bully is bigger and or stronger than the victim and usually aren’t alone when attacking the victim. Physically bullying has a much greater effect on the victim than the bully. The victim can have physical health issues such as cuts, bruises, and unexplained injuries. Physical bullying can also lead to many mental issues such as low self-esteem, depression, and in worst cases suicide. Leaving an emotional scar on the victims family and the bully themselves. Verbal bullying is a more common form of bullying. Verbal bullying as a form of bullying that uses verbal statements to play with another person’s emotions. Eighty-three percent of verbal bullying is performed by women, mostly by teenage girls. Verbal bullying mentally hurts the victim by damaging their self-esteem and making them feel worthless which can lead to depression issue and suicide. If bullies use verbal abuse it is commonly known because they are extremely insecure about themselves and are mesmerized by the individuality of their victim. By bringing their victim down, the bully feels superior and worthy. Though verbal abuse is mentally scarring, nothing compares to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a form of abuse where the bully prefers to stay behind a screen to hurt the victims, such as computers and phones. Cyberbullying takes place through many forms, such as text, calls, and most commonly social media. Cyberbullying affects the victim and the bully. Victims often feel isolated and alone when being cyberbullied. Cyberbullying can lead to physical harm, alcohol, drugs and sexual relations at a young age. Online bullying can have many mental effects such as depression, anxiety, overwhelmedness, and humiliation which can lead to suicide. Online harassment may affect the bully to long-term health problems physically and mentally.  Bullies have an increased risk of drugs, alcohol, dropping out of school, and many more legal issues. Bullies have a high risk of mental issues such as psychological distress, anxiety disorders, and lifelong depression. Bullying is a major issue in our society today and comes in many different forms. Leading many short-term and long-term issues for both the victim and the bully. Bullying is a mentally and physically harming way of hurting individual people. Physical, verbal, and cyberbullying all have different techniques but all have the same purpose and should never be done.