Born on 1907, Dec. 21st-and the denial of

Born on an Easter Sunday, April 20th, 1889, 6:30 pm. His father;abusive, often took out his problems out on his children. His mother was the complete opposite, but due to the nature of sexism of those days, she had no power in the household. Adolf’s father often ridiculed him for wanting to be an artist, and wanted his son to become a civil servant like his father. Adolf had 5 siblings, which all of had died, except one; Paula, his sister who lived from 1896 until 1960. When his father enrolled him to Realschule(which is more focused on science & technology overall), he had a horrible experience. Going from a perfect student in primary school to a mess. He did not enjoy it, for the terrible grades and the lack of interest from the teachers due to his behavior/performance made him never attend education again. He often pointed out that he did not enjoy Realschule throughout his life.His father had died when Adolf was 13(1903), and was devastated, even though his father had treated him harshly, he cried over his loss. When he reached age 16, he dropped out of school and decided to not to attend a higher education. He attempted to attend an art school, the first  being rejected. Around the second time he attempted to apply for art school, he faces more devastation, as his mother passes away from breast cancer on 1907, Dec. 21st-and the denial of his application. The amount of losses he had gone through before he even reached adulthood is immense, 4 siblings dying along with both mother and father passing away.  Now in poverty and living in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, he begins to build anti-semitism(dislike or worse against jews) and his German nationalism. He later moved to Munich, Germany- around the same time the outbreak of WW1(1913). He applied to serve in the German army, which he was accepted on August 1914. He attended many major battles but was never really at the frontline. He sustained an injury, which he was decorated for bravery for. He did not approve on how the Weimar Republic had accepted the Treaty of Versailles, and found it very insulting-similar to the opinions of other German nationalists. He continued to work for the German Army in Munich as an intelligence officer, which he finds and adopts the anti-semitic, nationalist, and anti-marxist ideas of the founder of German Workers’ Party(DAP)-Anton Drexler. The DAP will soon later change their name to NSDAP- ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei’ Usually abbreviated to Nazi. Adolf also designed the banner of the Nazi party. As he became chancellor, he allowed his political group to have more power by establishing rules to contradict the German Constitution- immediate arrest with no trial, large power given to his cabinet, and along with basic rights. He quite literally created a legal dictatorship. He then suppressed his political opposition, eliminating one way or another. With the opposing parties disbanded, and the president’s death, he establishes his fascist rule. What were his plans for establishing such an extreme view of his racial superiority? Mass murder of “Undesirables.” He seen undesirables as jews and other races. He set concentration & death camps for them, to work to create supplies for the war or to just use them as human experiments. The conditions and treatment of said ‘undesirables’ were terrible- gassed, inhumane experiments, and no quality of life in said camps;bare requirements for life(in the concentration camps).