Book great Nazi leader to win the war

Book Report Submission IJanuary 25, 2018 Pages 1 to 60Chapter List:Zero August 7, 1944LeafletsBombers The GirlThe BoySaint MaloNumber 4 rue VauborelCellarBombs AwayOne 1934Museum National d’Histoire NaturelleZollverein Key PoundRadioTake us homeSomething Rising Light Our flag flutters before usAround the world in 8 daysThe professor Sea of flames Open EyesFadeThe principles of Mechanics Rumors Summary:        The city of love and romance was having the loudest skies that day, warning all citizens to take cover or to evacuate before the fireworks arrive to war, the beginning of World War II. The french shores filled with mother nature’s enemies “the bombs” brought in by the Americans, one of France allies. Once the allies were getting closer to the beloved city of Saint Malo, France the war sirens began to ring through every ear of every corner. Marie Laure (protagonist) and Werner (protagonist) decide to ignore everything and to protect themselves in their own way, Marie was a blind girl since age 6 due to cataracts, who imagined the beautiful city she lived in by touch a model that her father made for her. Werner the german soldier, was ignoring the chaos the Americans were creating in a decent hotel of Saint Malo. 10 years before the attack caused by the allies in french shores, Marie and Werner had their regular daily lives; Marie learning different things each day with the touch of her fingers, and Werner living the life with influence of Hitler being brainwashed by his speeches, at a young age which later influenced him to become one of his followers, “Nazi’s soldier”. Once the years passed by Germany, the country of the Nazi’s, invaded France, the city of love, Marie Laure fights for her life, with her father,  through foot to reach a safe place to stay during war carrying the most valuable stone. While Werner sticks with his routine to become a great Nazi leader to win the war for their country. Characters:Marie-Laure : was a daughter of french museum locksmith, Marie went blind at age 6 due to cataracts.Marie-Laure’s father: (Daniel Leblanc) was Marie-Laure Father, he worked as fixing/ making locks at the “Paris’s Museum of Natural History”.Werner Pfennig: A boy who was influenced by Hitler speeches with a radio, which later became a Nazi soldier, grew up in a orphanage Jutta Pfennig : is Werner Pfennig little sister, grew up in a orphanage with her brother.Frau Elena : a nice lady who runned the orphanage ( the orphanage Werner and Jutta grew up in)Historical Events/Context:August 7, 1944 Saint Malo, FranceStones (Sea of Flames)Dr. Geffords labBeginning of WWIITraining youth to become proper Nazi soldiersOpinion:    I believe that both character, protagonist, will go through harder challenges throughout the story, which will allow them to get closer to the place they want to be. Marie-Laure will continue her adventures by going through hard challenges during the war with the touch of her hands; Werner will continue with his Nazi routine by passing a lot of courses that will allow him to be a proud and loyal German to his country. While the story continues I believe that Marie-Laure and Werner will meet at any one point in the story and he will see things differently about Germans, or the stone “sea of flames” will become an interest to Werner as a Nazi soldier and will track the stone until it gets to the hands of a German.