Bonds to appear before a Court (Section 88 of CrPc)

Section 88 of the Code is only applicable to persons who are present in Court but not the persons at houses to compel them to execute bonds for appearance in Court with or without sureties where an accused is already in custody, section 88 has no application.

Section 88 indicates that if a person is present in a Court in connection with a case or otherwise and the officer presiding the Court is entitled to issue summons or warrant to secure his presence, then he may direct that person to execute a bond for his presence in his Court on a later date or to secure his presence in some other Court notwithstanding the fact that his presence in the Court, at the relevant time is not in connection with that case for which he is being bound over.

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It means that if a person required to be arrested or detained in connection with some other case either before him or elsewhere is present, in his Court, then the presiding officer in whose Court he is present, has power to issue warrant calling him to execute bond for his appearance in future.