Blinded they treat workers with disrespect ,

     Blinded by power , markets tend to ignore
human rights and take advantage of the voiceless part of the society. Nowadays
, there are plenty of situations where human rights are exploited or handled
unfairly. Even though people’s incentives are not always bad , cheap labor
means cheap prices and therefore bigger profits. Everyday new problems about
employees’ rights can be seen on the news but the majority tend to ignore it.
Employees living in third world countries are taken advantage by powerful
companies all around the world. Quite often , it doesn’t have to be legally
working employees ; prisoners, immigrants , and even children are obligated to
work really hard and get nothing in return compared to the energy and time they
spend. this kind of workers are usually called  captive employees , these are workers who
accept working in bad conditions because they have no other option. These
captive employees are usually not even aware of their human or working rights
mainly because of the lack of education. Human rights are a set of moral
guidelines that promote and protect a recognition of our values and ability to
ensure an adequate standard of living. Without the recognition of human rights
, people will be treated as objects or animals and the human race will go back
years earlier when the world was run by totalitarian regime built on slavery .
In order to analyze this subject more deeply ; we can ask ourselves the
following question : To which extent human/labor rights make a market based on
captives employees rightful ?                                                                                                                                        A
literature review will be used to answer this questions . In the first section
, further explication and  three
theories  about the subject will be
given. In the second section , the articles will be used as an example to
empower the theories. In the third section , an hypothesis about the theory
will be concluded with advices of what will be helpful in the future.

1.Descriptive analytic

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     When employers
treat their workers with respect, the workplace can be a place of self-fulfillment.
When they treat workers with disrespect , it turns into a site of exploitation
and humiliation . Human rights are valuable for workers. They give workers a
voice and offer political and moral safety zone for the most vulnerable and
handicapped of groups, such as the under-skilled, and undocumented or just
workers who don’t have any options left. In most of the markets
, it feels like there is choice to be made between money and morals , it is not
impossible but difficult to obtain a market that has reached both , managers
can be filled by greed and let their principles vanish because of the urge to
succeed and earn a lot of money. It is hard to find  coexistence between money and morals.                                                                                                                                        Human rights , in this case labor rights ,
are really important for keeping the life and mental health  of worker’s safe, without this rights the
world would be a place where anyone who has power could treat the less lucky
ones with disrespect. Human rights protect those who do not have chance to
protect themselves. All in all , human rights is the protection of the captive
employees and makes the labor market a safer place.                                                         Treating the workers and giving them the
proper rights is not just a social question , the well-being of employees
affect their performance , therefore the profit of the firm , if workers are
not treated well and respected in the working environment , their work will be
not efficient enough because of multiple factors such as tiredness or lack of
motivation. A market based on greed and self-interest  is not only wrongful but at the same time not
profitable in long terms.


employee is a large term , but the best way to define it, is to say that
captive employees have very limited choice of work , they generally do not have
an educational background , they accept to work in poor conditions because they
cannot do anything else , they are in some way figuratively “captive” because
they have no freedom to choose alternatives or to avoid working like that. One
of the first thing that comes to mind when captive employee is mentioned are
prisoners .For example in the article of the Economist (2017), it is said that US prison labor is legally
required but the inmates earn less than 1 dollar to produce everything from
mattresses to road signs. The amount of money they earn is scarcely any that it
can even be compared to slavery , The opinions on this subject are contrary ,
some think that prisoners should not profit from their punishment even if it’s
a ridiculously small amount of money, other thinks that it defeats idleness and
may help to give the prisoners some skill. In another article about inmates by Peleaz ( 2014) , Companies such as
Microsoft . H&P , and many others are investing and making profit about the
economic boom generation by prison labor. It also clear in the article that the
jail population had been increasing over time and people can get enormous
sentences for just stealing a bike. Like prisoners , sex workers can be seen as
captive employees ;  in their research Benoit , Cecilia ( 2001) analyzed sex
workers conditions in Canada , and it is shown 
that  factors like workplace
violence with poor work conditions , not having a place to seek refuge from
danger , drug use , being terrified of police interventions or  having a STD affect the stress level and
health of many Canadian sex workers , the stress was a big influence of their
working condition and  these conditions
need to be improved to a healthier labor environment. Another subject that
consist of captive employees are  very low-wage
workers , for example in the article of Rachel
Abrams ( 2017) , it says that Bangladesh exports billions of dollars of
clothes each year , but it factories are deadly overcrowded buildings and a government that has historically
repressed workers’ efforts to organize and fight for better conditions.
Customers generally know about these conditions since they see it quite often
on the news , but usually they do nothing since it suit their interest ,
workers in Bangladesh work in terrible conditions and got paid poorly , but
without it the clothes would be double price based on the fact that if the
factories  pay them more , they will be
obligated to charge more for the clothes . In Bangladesh , many workers tried
to protest because of their low wage and work conditions but they were easily
arrested by the police and got accused of vandalism and other sort of crimes.
The situation has improved since the collapse of a big factory which lead to
thousands of deaths but still the minimum wage in Bangladesh remains 32 cent an
hour and the government manages to silence the protesting workers.                                                                        
rights literature generally do not mention labor rights , but labor rights
should be a form of human rights and it has to be more intensify . In all the
article seen if there is one thing common it is the lake of application of  human rights in the world and these are its
consequences. In this article Chan(
1998) talks about Chinese workers who are victims of labor rights violation
, they work in terrible conditions without any liberty , for example sometimes
the factory management collects the workers’ residential permits and identity
papers for “safekeeping” , so without the permit, workers cannot go onto the
streets without becoming vulnerable in case of a police identity check , this
is a violation of the freedom to move . They even sometime used private
security guard to check on the workers , which is can be an accurate comparison
to the prison, and these security guards are not afraid to use force. This is a
violation to the no torture nor physical abuse right of the human rights and to
the prohibition of all forms of  forced
labor stated in the five core labor standards. Furthermore , the terrible
conditions are so serious that a lot of workers lose their arms or fingers while


      A morally
responsible behavior is to treat people regarding to their personal human and labor  rights and not regarding your self-interest.
It’s to think about others as much as you think about yourself . it is
generally hard to agree on the morally acceptable since everybody’s perspective
of moral is different , but there are some certain points which are not
arguable like the child labor or safety and no psychical abuse. But those
rights are not always followed since powerful people’s self-interest corrupt
with the workers’ rights. When you ask people what is morally acceptable , in
every research it is seen clearly that the responses vary regarding the
countries , which means regarding to different cultures. The basic rights of an
employee such as having a break or having vacations may seem nothing for
developed countries , but it is not the same case for developing countries.
Morals are not the only thing that differs among countries to influence the
working conditions , economic situation also affects worker’s conditions ; for
example , a worker in the Netherlands and a worker in China does not work with
the same conditions even though they might do the same job. As it said before ,
customers are not comfortable with product made in poor conditions , they just
accept the situation , for several reasons , but the main one is that they
don’t want to pay more for the same product , they think their own budget and
their own interest which is wrong but understandable , and also it is a
difficult situation to change since this issue concerns  millions of workers and big international
companies who operates on them .Based on these findings in China and similar
situations in other Asian countries like
Indonesia and Vietnam,  the legal minimum
wages are the minimum prices these governments have set to sell their workers’
labor in the international labor market while maintaining their workers’
physical survival . But this often becomes the maximum price international
investors are willing to pay, or not pay if they can get away with it. Even
though they can try to maintain workers physical survival , the Foxconn suicides
are the prove that it is not enough ;  The
absence of fundamental labor rights within the global production regime driven
by Apple and its principal supplier Foxconn have become a central concern for
Chinese rural migrant workers .In the article Chan(2013) , the life of a Chinese worker who survived the suicides
is explained , Yu’s lived experience illustrates how the company’s obsession
with production goals, business growth and profits frequently results in the
sacrifice of the basic human needs of its workers and their labor rights . This
article might be a little different than the other since it is not about
workers but it reaches a lot of moral debates , Satz (2008) explains the kidney market and it morality ,
According to many people , the sale of organs on the black market has been
reaching alarming proportions in the Third World countries , the strongest
argument against this kind of market is that a person’s relationship with their
body is so important that it is not something that we should allow markets to
influence. Finally , one of the most important articles of all , Anandi Mani ,Sendhil
Mullainathan ,Jiaying Zhao ( 2013) , discusses how the poverty can affect the
performance of workers , the poor generally are not in good shape or healthy ,
they don’t know how to manage their money and they are not on time , all in all
they are less productive  and cannot perform
easily everyday tasks.


and Objectivity  is the key factor for
this issue , using captive employees to obtain better profit and business
growth might be and is morally wrong since it is against the labor and human
rights , but it is too easy to say that it’s wrong and all should be changed ,
what people generally do not see is the further complications , let’s say that
all violation of labor rights are abolished , this means that workers work in a
better environments , earn more , children don’t work , big companies do not
use inmates and make them work for cents , this all might seem great in the
first sight but there are bigger economic concerns that might come into
existence following this decision .  For
example , if the workers are paid better , this means that the company should
pay everybody more , which will led to a big layoff , so the unemployment rate
will grow really high and some people will have nothing when in the first
scenario they had at least a minimum wage. 
Another example is the child labor , it might seem terrible and horrific
to some , but as in all the cases there is a strong lake of alternative , in
lots of under developed countries there are no schools , so logically a poor
family will prefer their children to work and help the family budget a little
rather than having them do nothing at home. If  big firms no longer use captive employees ,
everything will cost more and the purchasing power will decrease . one last
example is with inmates who work and earn in prisons , this helps the economy a
lot and it also helps the workers to find a job when they finish their
sentences , the contrary argument is that the prisoners should not profit from
their punishment , but in fact the money they earn is hard to be seen as a
profit since it is just a couple of cents , and also they have chance to be
productive and help the economy which cannot be seen as a direct profit for them.
This explication in neither for or against captive employees , it’s to explain
that if there will be a correction of human and labor rights , all things
should be considered and be properly thought. In addition , a slight change in
the way that workers are treated can be more productive for both sides ,
workers work better when  they are well
paid , motivated  and treated with
respect. This means that if a company wants to boost its productivity it should
be paying more instead of paying less , since working a lot does not always
mean working productively.. The economic factors carry more than the social ones
, otherwise the world would be a perfectly legitimate place where everyone has
equal rights.


       As seen
in all this articles , there are several serious problems about the rights of
captive employees, the goal of this research was to analyze the terrible
conditions of employees all around the world while relating them to human
rights and the economical prospect. It is seen in the results that several
companies ignore the human rights  and
they use questionably ethnical workers , like inmates , to have bigger profits.
Human rights makes a market based on captive employees rightful since it gives
them the rights to protect themselves or the ability to speak out , without
human rights there will be total chaos in the labor market since every owner
would act with egocentricity.                                                                                                  
It is true that money and morals are hard to coexist at the same time ,
but this doesn’t mean one should give up completely on the morals or money , it
is perfectly possible to create a balance. It is also true that captive
employees generally don’t have the courage neither the possibility to defend
themselves , so the human/labor rights can be  helpful. And also it is scientifically proven
that workers which are payed more or treated in the proper manners tend to be
more creative , which means that the profit will be higher in the long term.                                                                     
But , it is not sincere nor true to make a generalization about this
subject , there are lots of companies who care about human rights and try to
create a peaceful environment for their employees. In this research article ,
only a few cases were analyzed , to give a better response all the firms in the
world should be analyzed which is not achievable. The future researches should
be based on the associations that are willing to help these workers and if they
are really helpful , or what can be done more to fix this problem since it is clearly
seen that what people do now is not enough.


       To conclude , Human rights or Labor
rights are necessary to create a safe environment for workers , workers should
be treated with respect and big companies should not be taken advantage of them
as it was seen an many cases. Some Economic consequences might happen but with empathy
and labor rights , there is nothing impossible to achieve. Especially under-developed
or developing  countries are a bigger
concern for now because all the extreme cases happens there. Human rights makes
a market based on captive employees rightful since it gives them the rights to
protect themselves or the ability to speak out , without human rights there
will be total chaos in the labor market since every owner would act with