Birkenau the gas still hadn’t came so the

Birkenau Concentration Camp- On the train ride into Birkenau the Jews were discussing how it was a concentration camp, that they would be headed to the end of there suffering.. At the point when the train stopped, they were taken out and the horrible smell of death and decay was noticeable all around. There were more than 12 bodies that were abandoned in the train, these men died in the  ride going to Birkenau from being cold, hungry, suffocation, and from losing their last bit of energy left in them. The Nazi then lined the Prisoners up and started to move them to a huge building with a huge smoke clouds pumping out of it. Yanek started to cry when he thought of all that he went through to survive was about to end by simply getting gassed to death. He went to inside believing that regardless of how hard he attempted he would bite the dust. They were then scrubbed down in the room and Yanek chose to remain by one of the columns in the room. At first the men shouted, criticizing the Nazis, the gas still hadn’t came so the men became eager and louder. Yanek at that point started to think to himself that the Nazis couldn’t get the fire to illuminate due to the breeze or that somebody was remaining on the hose, he started to laugh, contemplating internally that life was only a joke, that life had no decisive pattern. Yanek looked up and shouted to the shower heads to gas him as he surrendered and that the Nazi has won. And after that, the funnels started to shake and everybody in the room became calm, and ready. At that point Yanek was doused in water and he started to shout with relief. The Nazi were not going to murder them yet give them a shower. Auschwitz Concentration Camp- This is the camp that the Prisoners from Birkenau were sent to, a standout amongst the most inhumane imprisonments that ever existed.  When the veteran survivors or Jews were being walked to the main entrance, they saw new prisoners being escorted out of the trains by the nazis, and they were all scared by how dead they looked. They were thin,eyes seemed to be pointed to the back of their heads, bald, and they also smelt dead, like really really dead, more than the train ride smell of dead. Yanek thinks of a brilliant plan and he heads into the line with the new detainees. He tries to ask a woman to act as his mom so she could tell the Nazi that he is a young boy to hopefully  make sure he can be spared from the gas chambers. Again this is the place Yanek needed to lie about his age and occupation just to remain alive. This is likewise where we are introduced to Fred, he helped Yanek get some bread from a dead man. We discover that Fred is from Krakow as well, and surprisingly they lived very near one another. We discover that his mother and sister were both sent to the burners when they arrived. Something happens to Fred, he cannot work or walk, which is a bad thing to show. Fred is beaten by the Kapo and Yanek is ordered to leave or he will endure a similar experience. Fred was hung in front of everyone, Yanek couldn’t watch this time, he pledged to always remember him.First Death March- During this walk there were almost 5000 individuals, they gave the detainees each a half roll of bread which appears like a lot however thats was for the whole walk. Furthermore, nobody knew to what extent how long it was which made everything confusing. Yanek plans something awful to get more food, he considered taking bread from a dying kid. It influenced him to encourage the kid to die, yikes.. In any case, the kid was still alive, he had a conscience, but Yanek took his bread and joined the walk. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp-They landed at this camp three days after what Yanek did to the kid, now in the long trip Yanek did not think about his life. He suspected that dying would be pleasant. The Nazi’s helped them with water, soup and more bread. Yanek was happy that he was not given another task or he would have surely been dead. After supper they were permitted to rest. They were permitted to wash, Yanek hadn’t showered in weeks. This caused some memories about the past, about his life at home. He couldn’t vision the world he had ever since the Nazis controlled over the Jews. A Jew tossed himself up the electric fence and was electrocuted in a split second after the shower. The Nazi guards laughed at the man and tossed his burning body down in front of the jews in and stated how they would be happy if the Jews would just kill themselves to save time. After quite a while of work in the yard, the guards pulled Yanek and twelve other men to sing for the Nazi guards. Then they forced the prisoners into a boxing competition and influenced the others to watch.Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp-This was the seventh death camp in the three years Yanek survived. When they arrived, the camp leader was disgusted with everybody on ride, they took about 75 Jews who looked weak to shoot them at the back of the camp. The camp leader at that point chose that how everybody among them looked so weak,  he let the Jews take seven days off of work so they could recover their quality. This was the first occasion when that any Nazi had demonstrated any compassion for the Jews. Seven days passes by and after that they are back to work, and indeed one of the kapos had an issue for no reason at all. There was a powerful kapo with a round face and scars edged into his skin, he brought Yanek over to talk and when Yanek gets to him,  the kapo punched Yanek in the face. The kapo’s thinking was that Yanek gave him a bizarre look. At the point when Yanek returned to work, others told him who the kapo was, they called him Moonface. He murdered three individuals before the war and was sent to jail and the nazi lowered his rank to just  be the guard. Yanek’s new goal was to stay away from moonface, to prevent the abuse he gives. The Nazis wanted to see who were the strongest prisoners, so Yanek ran as a fast as Usain Bolt to get a job which allowed him to get away from Moon Face.Buchenwald Concentration Camp-When Yanek landed at Buchenwald he saw that Jews were terrified to death over anything. Yanek was told to move rocks up a hill, it was a game for the Nazis where a stone too big would make you fall of the hill and shot for being weak, or the rock was small and you would be shot for being lazy. When they returned to campm, Yanek saw something odd, there was a caged space for animals. The camp commandant thought it was a smart thought to have a live zoo for his family the guards. The leader was a terrible human, however his wife was a regrettable thing to give life too, she was known as the Witch of Buchenwald. She looks at the tattoos the Jews got at the start ,a man beside Yanek happened to have another tattoo and the Witch got some information about it and his name was put into her little book. Yanek never saw that man again. Net Rosen Concentration Camp-We start to see that Yanek is seeking after death to come to him, he doesnt think about observing the dead any longer. The planes and bombs were coming increasingly regularly with every day. Yanek while on the ride to Net Rosen, wishes that a bomb would tumble from the sky and explode to kill him. When they are told to leave the train,  they are sent straight to bed. Yanek starts to wake up, he gets his old belief about surviving and needing to battle for his life. The Nazi Kapo requested Yanek to come see him and the Kapo saw that Yaneks uniform was off, the Kapo  told him that he would lash at him  twelve times. He is then called in front of everyone to count his lashes in german, and in the event that he couldn’t he Kapo restarted until he did it right. He was forced upon  50 or so lashes before its finish.Second death March-This time, the Death March’s destination was set to a camp named Dachau. As they pass through frozen tombs, locals supported the prisoners, and gave the scraps of food that could offer to the starving prisoners Three days of the excruciating walk, Yanek had no luck. But then Yanek spotted a kapo with 4 loaves of bread, and was stupid enough to shoot his shot at trying to beg for one. Where on the other hand he would die for sure from starving or from hypothermia if he did not get any. Luckily enough the kapo, Moonface, surprisingly gave him a loaf. Lastly, leaving the train ride, Yanek planned to disguise himself as a Polish man, he was sabotaged by a Pole ratting him out.Dachau Concentration- The prisoners started to catch camp fever, some type of lice of flea spreading disease. Hundreds of prisoners were found decaying each day from the sickness, it was a horrible stench. Out of the ordinary. the camp was under attack, bombs creating holes where structures were built,the sound of guns being shot in the air,  gun bullets travelling across the camp, killing Nazi’s. All the remaining Nazis had fled during the night, and what was left was the confused prisoners, but soon after the Americans had reached their location, Yanek’s suffering had finally came to a destination.Munich- Americans transferred the remaining survivors to Munich, where they lived for a period of time, each having their own actual beds, where they wouldn’t have this back in the camps.It is considered a luxury to the Jews. Yanek discover that he still has some type of blood left.  Yanek registers in a program for war orphans to help him travel to America, a land of opportunity, he stepped off on a train where he would start another beginning.