Biotechnology very sophisticated. One of the biological sciences

Biotechnology Has Myriad Benefits
in the Field of Medicine

many tools have been found very sophisticated. One of the biological sciences
that utilizes these advanced tools is biotechnology. Modern biotechnology is
the application of biotechnology that has used modern tools, these tools are
used because simple technology is no longer possible to use. At the time of
application of modern biotechnology must have special skills and a deeper
knowledge of living things to be tested.

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characteristics  of modern biotechnology
that differ from conventional biotechnology is an appropriate and structured
scientific principles, and products can be produced quickly and diverse, the
production of bread, beer, soy sauce, vaccines and others. Examples of modern
biotechnology that has been widely used now are enough to helps human. One of
which can be utilized in the field of medicine, namely making monoclonal
antibodies obtained from of single source that can be of various uses.
Monoclonal antibodies are used to bind toxins, or when organ transplants no
longer reject.

examples of modern biotechnology is making a vaccine to avoid a person from
disease. The vaccine is derived from an attenuated microorganism, then inserted
into the human body to be immune from disease.

making antibiotics to inhibit the growth and development of viruses that can
infect human. Antibiotics can be obtained from bacteria that can be beneficial
to humans.

modern biotechnology to produce hormones that accelerate a particular reaction
that is very useful in the field of industry and health, Many kinds of hormones
have been produced using modern biotechnology, for example growth hormone,
insulin hormone and testosterone.

can concluded that modern biotechnology has enormous benefits for medicine be
it in making antibodies, making vaccines, making antibiotics and producing
hormones. With such sophisticated tools all can be produced quickly and
precisely by people who have more knowledge about modern biotechnology.