Besides all the modern and advanced technologies which

Besides all the modern and advanced technologies which were provided to enhance the treatment of cataracts, the biggest challenge is still continuing to be the increasing backlog of cataract blindness in developing countries. This very goal is achieved by Dr. Govindappa who provided a hopeful paradigm for overcoming worldwide obstacles for the cataract blindness.


Aravind eye hospital is successfully boosting their efficiency as they provide health care services to a very acute issue that needs very much an immediate attention. They deliver health care services to developing countries in where the demand very high. They are serving the best use of their resources. The neediness in developing countries are providing a golden chance for the organizations to fulfil those needs, as the government is unable to provide health care to the rapidly growing population.

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The Aravind eye hospital network is situated in the Southern India. A country with high poverty rate where twelve million people are suffering from blindness, the vast majority tackling cataracts. However, Dr G Venkataswamy decided to dedicate his years to cure needless blindness among India’s poverty