Berger Paints is one of the oldest names

Berger Paints is one
of the oldest names in the paint industry, yet it is one of the large amount
industrially innovative companies in the country. It is constantly motivated
for innovating supercilious trait goods and services. With further than 250
days of luxuriant heritage, Berger manufactures earth division paints for every
one of kinds of substrates and as well provides unparalleled services. Berger’s
inauguration was laid out in 1760 by a German native named Louis Berger, who on
track dye and colour building corporation in England. Louis mixed up his family
into the industry and in time misused the level of the concert party to Louis
Berger & Sons Limited. The party grew and lengthened fast with a spicy
reputation for brilliance in innovation and entrepreneurship. In the early
years, Louis lucratively refined the administer of manufacturing Prussian blue,
a booming desolate dye. This dye was generally second-hand for the uniforms of
a lot of European armies of that time. Assembly of dyes and pigments evolved
into invention of paints and coatings, which till today, corpse the main
organization of Berger. The group grew rapidly, by twigs every over the globe
and through mergers and acquisitions with other principal paint and outside
layer manufacturing companies. Berger Paints on track ‘painting’ Bangladesh
since independence. Over the ancient times not many decades, Berger has evolved
and transformed itself in apt the primary paint result donor in the country
with a diversified outcome breadth that caters to completely your painting
needs. Berger has sturdily invested in technology and make inquiries &
event compared to any other manufacturer in this market. Investment in
technology and sow office is equal new evident from the authorities of Powder
glaze and mixture plants at the Dhaka factory. The state-of-the-art Dhaka
factory is a supplement to Berger’s capacity, creation it the paint giant in
Bangladesh. It sources bitter resources from a little of the most excellent
identified names in the world. The high-class feature of Berger’s crop has been
achievable as of its higher plants and faithful feature joystick that
correspond global standards. With its deep dissemination network, Berger has
reached very nearly every part of Bangladesh. all over the country Dealer
Network, supported by 8 Sales Depots intentionally located at Dhaka,
Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Bogra, Sylhet ,Comilla and Mymensingh has an
unsurpassed capability to response to paint wants at approximately everyplace
in Bangladesh. Berger’s one of the superlative objectives is to make available
most excellent buyer support-connecting customers to technology through expert
armed forces like free expert recommendation on plane preparation, flush
consultancy, exceptional blush schemes etc. To support consumer satisfaction,
Berger offers residential home decoration rite from everywhere one know how to
catch an array of armed forces pertaining to painting. Berger decision
Programme for the Students of Architecture of BUET (BASAB), learning Programme
for the students of Architecture Discipline, Khulna University. Innovation,
customer-focus, contemporary and guilty products. The influential military of
Berger Paints – suggest the incredibly ghost of its fall through Lewis Berger –
who laid the foundations of sort Berger style rear in 1760 in the UK.
Undergoing an amount of changes in ownership and classification in its 88 day
mature history in India, the crowd has move toward an extensive way. By the
handy of 1947, Hadfield’s was acquired by British Paints (Holdings) Limited, UK
and came to be renowned as British Paints. The effect variety includes
dedicated open-air paints to save from harm against adverse come through
conditions, Colour Bank, bigger aquatic Paints, Textured Coatings, heat up
challenging Paints, Roofing Compounds, Epoxies and Powder Coatings. In all of
these item for consumption categories, Berger has been the pioneer. Besides,
Berger offers illusions-the pioneer designer paint result in Bangladesh. The
band besides launched nation connection adhesive, lnnova firewood varnish in collaboration
with Sherwin-Williams, Vehicle Refinish in collaboration with humankind
celebrated PPG-USA, Texbond folder to cater to the rising wants of the
customers. Apart from business, Berger Paints has additional a further
dimension to its collective responsibilities by contributing to the fount body
of the autistic kids in Bangladesh from 2009. Berger Paints Bangladesh
imperfect has been promoting the brood and creative talents of the country
through Berger litter Painters’ sculpture struggle (BYPAC), Berger judgment for
brilliance in Architecture (BAEA), Berger prize Programme for the Students of
Architecture of BUET (BASAB), learning Programme for the students of
Architecture Discipline, Khulna University. Innovation, customer-focus,
contemporary and in charge products. The dynamic army of Berger Paints –
indicate the precise spectre of its misfire Lewis Berger – who laid the
foundations of identification Berger method in exchange in 1760 in the UK. The
troupe moreover has an intercontinental poise in 4 countries (Nepal,
Bangladesh, Poland and Russia). With member of staff strong point of above 2800
and a countrywide. Committed to existence a conscientious corporate citizen,
Berger proactively pursues strategies mutually contained by and without that pass
manifold group and environmental profit to the complete stakeholders. They
cover too acquired Bolix SA of Poland, a source of outside lagging final
Systems (EIFS) in Eastern Europe. Berger paints is a stout concert party which
is occupied with Paints manufacturing and spreading in Bangladesh. It is proven
to be an admirable manufacturer and distributor, still it is not as physically
powerful in promotion as Asian Paints. Berger paints has most important
incidence in 5 altered countries like India, Russia, Poland, Nepal and
Bangladesh. Besides this, it is in addition irritating to nominate inroads in